NEW FACE / Neo Haino

Active high school student! In this season of the sophomore year
NEW FACE Neo Haino, aiming to win the JSBA All Japan Championship.
Show off your style
Close to his snowboard.


QXNUMX: Please tell us how you started snowboarding.

Haino: My parents used to do it, and it was fun to take them with me, so I started.

QXNUMX: You say you mainly snowboard slopestyle.Also, do you prefer or are better at jumping or jibbing?

Haino: I try to stretch my arms well in the air and be conscious of the direction of my hands so that I can perform a big slide overall.I prefer jumping.

QXNUMX: What do you like about jumping?
Please let me know if you have any special skills.

Haino: I like how it feels like you're floating and it's very comfortable.
His specialty is Switchback 5.

QXNUMX: Are there any riders you are aware of?

Haino: I try to skate like Judd Henks.
I am conscious of the position to grab. When I first saw it on YouTube, I thought it was cool and became conscious of it.


QXNUMX: Please tell us about the charm of snowboarding for Mr. Haino.

Haino: It's fashionable and cool.


QXNUMX: Lastly, please tell us if you have any goals for this season.

Haino: To take first place in jsba All Japan.


Neo Haino / Born on July 2005, 21
■ Height/169 cm ■ Stance/regular 54 cm
■ Angle: 9 degrees in front, 9 degrees in back
■Snowboard history/10 years
■ For Home Mountain/Myoko
■ Items used/