The video series of "Nekoma x P-can. FACTORY" will be released one after another! From now on, Spring Nekoma will fully open the park season !!

The other day, despite the arrival of a nice cold wave in March, Hoshino Resort Nekoma Ski Resort was blessed with snowfall.In the coming spring season, it's still slippery and perfect.
From P-can. FACTORY, a video of "Nekoma Ski Resort, Nekoma Ski Resort, where Takato Taniguchi top-to-bottomed" has been released.Free riding with nice snow quality, the top-to-bottom of the easy cat demon is fully released.

In addition, a must-see for beginners in the park !! "How to enter the kicker for beginners" is also lectured firmly using the beginner's lane at Nekoma Ski Resort. If you are afraid of kickers and boxes, please take a look.
I think it's surprisingly easy to overcome.

Hoshino Resort Nekoma Ski Resort is about to increase the appeal of Spring Nekoma, and the park season is fully open.
By all means, practice in a park with lanes for each level and aim for improvement !!

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