Check out for all rooms at 14pm!What is a snowboarder-first hotel? ? [Hoshino Resorts Nekoma Mountain]

This winter, the former Alts Bandai and the former Nekoma Ski Resort have been transformed into one of the largest "Nekoma Mountains" in Japan by connecting lifts.By going back and forth between the south and north areas, you can now enjoy the finest powder snow, high-quality parks, and 33 diverse courses where you can enjoy the terrain of each mountain.

However, the evolution of Nekoma Mountain is not just limited to the expansion of the courses, but we are also focusing on how to provide a fulfilling skiing experience and how to increase the level of fulfillment as a "trip."

Check-in at 16:14 and check-out at XNUMX:XNUMX
You can stay for up to 22 hours!

One of the measures that will be implemented this season is ``Check-out at 14 p.m.''.At the standard check-out time of 10am, you eat breakfast, pack your bags, and load your luggage into the car.If you're busy preparing, you won't have time to hit the slopes first thing in the morning.

But if you check out at 14pm!You can enjoy plenty of pristine powder and grooming barns on the lift in the morning, then head back to your hotel for a leisurely trip back home and even take a dip in the hot springs.

The large public bath in the hotel can actually be used even after check-out.Let's soothe your tiredness before heading home in the gentle hot springs that gush out from Aizu's famous peak, Mt. Bandai (bathing hours: 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM *Towels are available for a fee)

What's more, guests of Bandaiyama Onsen Hotel have the benefit of a free ``First Ride,'' which allows them to ski on courses that are opened 15 minutes before the start of regular business hours.You'll be able to enjoy the best, freshly maintained snow conditions before anyone else.

>> What are the 10 benefits exclusive to guests?

The more nights you stay, the more you save! ?

Enjoy both the slopes and sightseeing!

One night and two days is not enough to ski Nekoma Mountain, one of the largest in Japan.We want you to enjoy every nook and cranny of the varied slopes, so we offer discounted accommodation plans for longer stays.

As for how much of a discount...

2% OFF for 20 consecutive nights
3% OFF for 30 consecutive nights
5% OFF for 40 consecutive nights

If you stay for several nights and have more time, you can enjoy more sightseeing and gourmet food.If you're going to spend the night there, you'll want to enjoy the local culture, specialty products, and alcohol.

The Aizu area, which can be accessed from the south area in about 30 minutes, has many sake breweries and many deep-fried izakaya restaurants.If you use the "Aizu no Izakaya GO!" plan, which allows you to eat at izakayas in Aizuwakamatsu City, you can enjoy Aizu's izakaya culture.Transportation to and from the hotel is included, so those who drink alcohol can rest assured.

“Aizu no Izakaya GO!” takes you to the downtown area of ​​Aizuwakamatsu City by shuttle bus.When you board the train, you will receive an original map that introduces the best izakaya restaurants recommended by hotel staff.
Of course, you can also enjoy sake inside the hotel. "Aizu SAKE Bar" has a wide selection of famous sake from the rice-producing region of Aizu.Hear recommended sake from a sake brewer and find your favorite local sake
Kisse・Kisse is a buffet restaurant where you can enjoy local cuisine such as freshly made soba noodles and piping hot wappa rice.Recommended in the morning is Kitakata's food culture "Asa Ramen"

Dining information at Bandaiyama Onsen Hotel, where you can enjoy Aizu's specialties

Tsuruga Castle, which has many sightseeing spots and is also known for the Byakkotai, is covered in snow when it snows, giving it an even more atmospheric atmosphere.

Covered with snow, Tsuruga Castle stands out in its white color and has an outstanding atmosphere.Recommended to see at night

A gathering place to talk about the day's skiing with friends

“Hangout” is now available

One of the best parts of a snow trip is reviewing the videos you shot today, making plans for tomorrow, and chatting with everyone.Hangout, a place for relaxation, is now available this season.Let's have a passionate conversation with your snow-fool friends over drinks and snacks.
If you use the ``WAX bar'' where you can use the drying room and wax from various manufacturers for free, you will be fully prepared for the next day.

At the WAX ​​bar, you can use wax from various temperature ranges and manufacturers for free depending on the conditions of the next day.
Thoroughly dry your wet clothing and gear for a comfortable snowboarding day the next day!

We also have great deals for kids under elementary school age!

We also have a full range of support plans to help you enjoy your family trip comfortably.For children under elementary school age, beginner lift rides and clothing rental are free.Sleds and snow toys are available for free rental, and you can enjoy playing in the snow safely on the sledding slope, which is equipped with snow escalators.

For children to continue playing snow sports, it is essential to remember that it is fun.I want to thoroughly check the resort's support system.
The sledding slope has a snow escalator.You can enjoy sledding to the fullest by reducing your child's physical exhaustion.

When you can't go skating due to bad weather, enjoy the on-site activities.There is plenty of content to give you a feel of Aizu's history and culture, such as ``Aizu Tewassa'', who paints Aizu's local toys, and ``Yakuen Koshercha'', which makes original herbal tea.

``Aibase! Odoransho'' is a dance where you dance around the tower to the tune of the folk song ``Aizu Bandaiyama.''Held at "Books & Cafe" every day from 8:XNUMX p.m.
A heated pool that is very popular with children at any time of the year.

>> There are lots of fun events, including events with Akabeko as a motif and the appearance of Kamakura Bar!

How do you like it? ``If I'm going to stay overnight, I want to enjoy the skiing and the trip to the fullest!'' Why don't you come to Nekoma's Mountain this winter and make your wish come true?

Hoshino Resort Bandaiyama Onsen Hotel

A mountain resort located in a prime location overlooking Lake Inawashiro at the foot of Mt. Bandai.You can enjoy the ever-changing scenery in spring, summer, fall and winter, and the charm of Aizu's food and culture.

Address: 969-3396 Kiyoshisipidaira, Oaza Sarashina, Bandai-cho, Yaga-gun, 6838-68
Phone: 050-3134-8094 (Hoshino Resorts Reservation Center)
Number of rooms: 149 rooms
Check-in: 16:00~/Check-out:~14:00
Price: From 1 yen per night (per person per room for 16,400 people, tax and service charge included, breakfast included)
Access: 20 minutes by car from Bandai Kawahigashi IC on the Ban'etsu Expressway via Tohoku Expressway Koriyama JCT

Hoshino Resorts Nekoma Mountain