A video of a naughty beginner boarder doing grator tricks in the unexplored area of ​​Nango

The time is...2023/12/24 Christmas Eve!


We were at Aizukogen Nango Ski Resort in Fukushima Prefecture!

with LUFFIN SKATE TV crew!

MAKIKO, King of Eggs, Uzura MG. These are very beginner snowboarders who are coming to this Mikata slope for the third time.

For your third time on the slopes, you came to Aizukogen Nango Ski Resort in Fukushima Prefecture.

They were maniacs and slick people who had been practicing skateboarding by watching the skateboarding how-to videos I had made before.

We have shot collaborative videos several times so far!

First collaboration, when I was asked to teach hand plant.

When everyone came to JWSC

The time I was asked to tell me because I wanted to do air.


The LUFFIN SkATE crew has established themselves as beginner surf skating YOUTUBERs, but this winter they are taking on the challenge of snowboarding!

Already debuted on the slopes at Shiga Kogen!

I also released a video on this day!

The three of them seem to be loved by the gods of laughter, and funny things often happen when they're using the camera lol.

A quail rocket explodes at the top of Nango! w


The view is great! The summit of Nango Ski Resort! As expected from Nango Blue

Well, today I'm going to give you some serious (?) assignments, so please try practicing!


Shall we try the tail press?

I will explain step by step!

how is it? Is it possible?

Shall we try it like this?

If you do this technique well, you can leave a beautiful cut! w

train? A new game-like technique from Nintendo? w

Oh! ? It might feel good! ?

You can make the egg king if you try! ?

picture! ? Uzura Manager, a beginner who rides sideways, also makes up! ?

MAKIKO-san, are you good at deception? w

I’ve gotten really good at it! !

At the end, I finally put on my makeup with a relaxed smile! ? kana?

Are the three of you exhausted? w

That's why we enjoyed the Christmas Eve at Nango Ski Resort until the lifts stopped, so be sure to check out the video!

I'm dying to laugh out loud!

Let's all go to Aizukogen Nango Ski Resort!