(Video included) Reception party held at Murasaki Park Tachikawa Tachihi store!

2023/07/14 We went to the reception party at Murasaki Park Tachikawa Tachihi!

The demonstration was super cool, the facility was beautiful, and it was a pretty interesting facility for those who like action sports, so I took a picture!

If you watch this video, you might be able to understand a lot about Murasaki Park! ?Let's go play everyone~


Daisuke from the flown team was also skating!

Freestyle skiers in winter too!

Olympian Shirai!

Murasaki Sports head office inline skater Akiga


Purple was also very active!


But this time the MVP is this person? ? ?Takeshi Yasutoko

The miraculous Daisuke Nakaura was also blown away


Gen Ogawa, the Ogawa of the world!

The figure of Mr. Hitoshi Murakami, also known as Mr. Jin!


Everyone who has many opportunities to meet in the snowy mountains

a!Two Charlies!

This is a store where you can meet professional skaters Hayashi and Kojima!

Everyone in advance!

Manager Tani Thank you for your hard work at the opening party and event!I'm going to visit again!

It's been a while, Mr. Ubu~!

In fact, the synchronization of the professional era!Mr. Hama! (Hama is older!)

Custom Ryo, was Asami's wedding party shameless?he said w

I couldn't upload the photos I wanted to post because my PC was not working well, so please watch the main story!