Thank you ☆

From July XNUMXth, I came to the mountain called MT HOOD in Oregon, USA and skated.

For the first time in XNUMX years, Hood is still in good shape ♪

The sunny weather rate is quite good, and there are plenty of items, so it will be a good practice.

There are XNUMX days left to slip here.

I have to get better and go home.

MT HOOD ☆ seen from the parking lot

It's snowing a lot more than when I came five years ago.

Moreover, the weather is nice every day and I'm really in good shape ♪

The pipe is also in good condition and it is a good practice.

Moreover, there is a bug jump under the pipe so you can practice double cork.

I can't slip in such an environment, so let's practice hard for the remaining XNUMX days ♪

This time, the face looks like this.

No matter crew for the Salomon team.

I have XNUMX people living in my house.

It is the first time in my life to live with such a large number of people.

It was quite lively and I enjoyed it every day ♪

But this morning the Nomatter Crew has returned to Japan.

I'll be lonely from now on.

Photo, wall

Wall-chan also returned the day before yesterday.

The day before I returned to Japan, I was supposed to have a party with Kabe-chan because Kabe-chan was going back, but Kabe-chan was down.

Salomon sticker Even if I put this on, it didn't happen (laughs)

It is an announcement.

There will be a STONP PARTY in Roppongi on the XNUMXth of this month.

I'm planning to go too.

Let's have fun together ☆

“S” trippers

7.28, Thursday
23:00am ~ 5:00pm
@New Lex Tokyo