METHOD & BBQ in Ishiuchi Maruyama


Sorry for the sudden announcement ...

Super Bowl session tomorrow at Ishiuchi Maruyama Ski Resort on Saturday, 3.31


The special course that creates the entire course for one of the largest lifts in the history of Ishiuchi is a bowl park where handmade shaped 3D terrain and countless lines and transitions that can hit jib, jump, etc. are fused, freestyle rider Anyone will have a course that promises the best weekend.

There are various bowl sessions, but this is the Uonuma-style Super Bowl! !! !!

Come play! !!


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Well then.

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Profile: Niigata Prefecture is a talented group SNOWCASE DESIGN that manages the production of snow parks and organizes events mainly in Echigo Yuzawa and Minami Uonuma.We will deliver information on snow parks and events from the Yuzawa / Uonuma area, which is the front line of the park scene.In addition, through the movie production that they are doing in-house, they also convey their unique video transmission and the charm and fun of this area.