The flex of the famous machine "Samurai" such as Shinku Yukiita is now in 2 patterns!

True sky snow board, etc.
▷Size: 150, 152, 155cm
▷Color: white, black
▷Price: ¥70,400 (tax included)

"Samurai" has been released for many years as a representative model of the brand, from the birth of Shinku Yukiita to the present.In the past, a powerful camber structure was adopted as a jump-specific board, but recently, not only jumps but also park rides in general, including jibs, as well as guratori, which boasts a deep-rooted popularity in Japan, have been considered. A hybrid camber structure is adopted in which the board center has a camber while the nose and tail have loose rocker to improve turning performance.Thanks to that, it is an all-around model with a moderate looseness and difficulty in getting caught on the edge in jibs and gratris, while maintaining the repulsive force necessary for sharpness in carving and ollies in jumps.And this is also the reason why it fits perfectly for 3D riding in terrain parks, which is attracting attention in the current snowboard scene.

 In addition, one of the features is that it has a little firmness compared to the Fushin, which has the same hybrid camber structure as the Samurai, among the board lineup such as Shinku Yukiita.Even if the size of the item increases, it has the same strength and durability to support snowboarders who aim for a higher rank.Of course, it's not just about making the board stiffer.The core material is a mixture of poplar and bamboo that have a certain repulsive force even in a supple flex.In addition, carbon ribbons, which are arranged from a unique perspective, increase resilience, stability, and stickiness without impairing torsion.Yes, it has a finish that is both powerful and easy to handle.

 Furthermore, from the 2023-24 season, two patterns of flex with different hardness will be added to the lineup.The black graphic is set to the same mid flex as the previous model, and the white graphic is set to middle to hard flex.Depending on the rider's physique, leg strength, and desired style, board options have increased.No, rather, it is possible to have a two-sword style of using a harder one for jumping and a softer one for jibs and glides.

Flex depends on the graphic
The model with a black deck (right) has a mid-flex, while the white model (left) has a mid-to-hard flex.Let's choose based on your favorite style and your leg strength.
Graphics made simple
Samurai, which used to have flashy graphics as a standard, has been changed to fairly simple graphics.However, if you look closely at the word samurai, you can see a samurai riding a horse with his sword drawn.
The center of the board is camber, and the nose and tail are hybrid camber structures that incorporate rockers, so the power of camber is useful for carving and jumping, and the strength of rockers that can be loosely handled in jib and gratri is effective.

This diagram makes it easy to see where the carbon and bamboo are placed on the board.

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