(With video) Just before the end of the season!At Lotte Arai Resort ...


For the last slope of the season

I went to Lotte Arai Resort ~.

When I arrived at the parking lot, I was told "To!"

Looking back, how

The appearance of the air mix team of Mr. Michihiko Yoshino & Mr. Masaki, a big senior!


You have to accompany this!When

I was allowed to join w

Masaki was attacking everywhere on this day!

Mr. Yoshino also felt like wearing sunglasses and no gloves for a gentle spring.

The slip was still brave and cool ~ (Please check the video as well)


If you join ROME SDS Tetsuko Kawai on the slopes ...

Does everyone's tension change drastically? (Lol)

The slippery slip is brave and smooth!


I borrowed a brush so that the board can run w

Everyone slips on C ~!

Now I've met a great patrol and the excitement of a local skier!

Maybe I will be the last day of the season?When

Soft and loose fracture Pocojan Challenge ~

What will happen! ?? (Lol)


That's why Arai Resort is C ~ this season as well!It was w

Next season, I want to slip at Arai Resort in the middle of fresh snow Dopau ~