… LOST shaper / MAYHEM's collaboration model “… LOST × LIB TECH” has 3 models! _LIB TECHNOLOGIES

...LOST shaper / MAYHEM deals with
Collaboration model "... LOST x LIB TECH"
3 models too!

SIZE: 154, 159
PRICE: ¥ 88,000 + tax
… LOST × LIB ROCKET (center)
SIZE: 152.5, 157.5, 161.5
PRICE: ¥ 84,000 + tax
SIZE: 156, 166
PRICE: ¥ 95,000 + tax

The collaboration series of "... LOST x LIB TECH", which was developed by Matt Bioros, the world-famous surfboard shaper MAYHEM, has a lineup of 3 models this season.After spending all his time surfing, snowboarding and skateboarding when he was a student, he is now supported by the world's top surfers ... MAYHEM, the creator of LOST SURFBOARD.In order to realize "snowboarding x surfing" in the snowy mountains, we approached the design of snowboards from the perspective of a surfer and completed a characteristic shape that incorporates various ideas.Let's check the characteristics of the three models.

"... LOST x LIB QUIVER KILLER" is an aggressive high performance board.The outline and squash tail that produce a large maneuver at high speeds are flexible even with powder and will cut through any snow surface.The board structure uses C3 camber, which provides strength and buoyancy with powder.

"... LOST x LIB ROCKET" adopts a powerful setback C3 camber structure, with a deep oval side cut for easy entry and a turn that firmly bites in the middle, and a rocket tail for a sticky ride fee in the latter half of the turn. Enables the ring.Still, the powder's ample buoyancy and ease of movement of the tail is due to the outline, which is packed with ideas unique to surfers.

"... LOST x LIB RETRO RIPPER" is one of the Japanese powder resorts that MAYHEM envisions. Despite the C3 camber construction, the short contact length, long powder nose and swallow tail allow the rider to draw the line at will, from sticky turns on snow-packed burns to comfortable cruises on deep powder. Will be possible.As for the length, 156 has been added to the lineup because of the snowy mountains in Japan.The waves of Katsushika Hokusai are drawn on the board deck.

It's hard to decide which of the three models with different outlines to choose from.I want you to think carefully until the season while expanding the image of rolling up powder in the snowy mountains.

Aiming for a fusion of surfing and snowboarding
MAYHEM, who is also a real snowboarder, has created a board that is not exclusively for snow surfing.While considering the movement unique to snowboarding, snowboarding with ideas unique to surfers added to it.Therefore, all three models are camber-based on the entire board, but a C3 camber structure that incorporates a mild rocker in the center part is adopted.

… LOST collaboration 3 models all adopt CXNUMX camber structure (photo is ROCKET)

A series with ideas unique to surfboard shapers.I want to enjoy the unique ride to the fullest

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