2022 FREERUN December issue Lift ticket present!

In the December issue of FREERUN, we planned the annual popular project "Lift Ticket Present" again this year!
39 slopes nationwide, 330 people!

The application deadline is until December 2022, 12 (Tuesday)!

Described in the magazine"keyword"When,"Ski resort number (head number of each ski resort)"Please select from the application form and apply as soon as possible!
(Please note that if the keyword is not entered, it will be invalid.)

The application form isClick here for the guidelines.Click

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[Target ski resort]

Hoshino Resort Tomamu Ski Resort
A stay-type resort with 2 courses on two mountains that satisfies all levels, from adults to children.At the powder park "Sunday Powder Park", which is open only on Sundays in an area open only to advanced users, you can enjoy mash, logs, and powder that you have accumulated for the week.
Business period 12/1 (Thursday) -4/2 (Sunday)

Rusutsu Resort
Hokkaido's largest all-season resort with excellent access, about 90 minutes by car from Sapporo city and New Chitose Airport. There are 3 diverse courses on the three mountains, from wide gentle slopes that anyone can ski with confidence to aggressive slopes that satisfy advanced skiers.
Business period 11/26 (Sat) -4/2 (Sun)

Snow Cruise Onze
About 4 km from Zenibako IC.It's open until 23:9 every day, so it's perfect for going after work.Enjoy XNUMX scenic courses overlooking Ishikari Bay.Visit the restaurant in the center house for the popular gelato meal. A free shuttle bus runs daily from JR Zenibako Station and Miyanosawa Subway Station.
Business period 11/19 (Sat) -3/26 (Sun)

Niseko HANAZONO Resort
Hanazono, where you can enjoy the best snow quality, has added new gondolas and courses this season, and the HANA1 lift has been transformed into a 6-seater with heated seats! Enjoy the undulating slopes, including the tree run, which is a feature of HANAZONO, in a more comfortable way.
Business period 12/3 (Sat) -4/9 (Sun)

Spring Valley Sendai Izumi Ski Resort
A city slope close to the city, about 40 minutes by car from Sendai city.Equipped with a new artificial snow machine, the slopes are always in good condition during the season.Enjoy a variety of 12 courses, including one of Miyagi Prefecture's largest snow parks, and night games that are open until 10:XNUMX every day.
Business period 12/16 (Friday) -4/2 (Sunday)

Zao Onsen Ski Resort
Tohoku's largest snow resort consisting of 14 slopes.Enjoy a full day of skiing on varied courses and superb powder snow.The panoramic view of the Zao mountain range and the world-class beauty of frost-covered trees create an extraordinary feeling of natural art.
Business period 12/10 (Sat) -5/5 (Fri)

Listel Ski Fantasia
From the wide and gentle course for beginners to the mogul course that has hosted the World Cup, there is a wide variety of course layouts that anyone from beginners to advanced players can enjoy.One of the attractions is the superb view from the slope top where you can see Lake Inawashiro and Mt. Bandai.
Business period 12/24 (Sat) -3/26 (Sun)

Hoshino Resort Nekoma Ski Resort
Located in Urabandai, one of Japan's heaviest snowfall areas, you can enjoy the finest powder snow "micro-fine snow" with an altitude of over 1,000m even at the foot of the mountain.A high-quality freestyle park is characterized by high quality that can be used by beginners to athletes.
Business period 12/1 (Thursday) -5/7 (Sunday)

Hoshino Resorts Alts Bandai
One of the biggest big slopes in Japan.There is a wide variety of courses, from a gentle course for beginners to a main course of about 2km with fun slopes, steep slopes, and powder.A step-up park will be held again this year, where everyone from beginners to experts can improve their skills in a fun way.
Business period 12/23 (Friday) -3/26 (Sunday)

Aizu Kogen Nango Ski Resort
Access 1 powder courses with 4 lift. The 1km free park area is full of half pipes, kickers, rails, and boxes, and is popular for playing with the lift. "Powder, park, and halfpipe are all fun" A ski resort where you can slide and play.
Business period 12/24 (Sat) -3/26 (Sun)

Tanbara Ski Park
About two hours from the Tokyo metropolitan area, you can enjoy powder snow comparable to that of Hokkaido, and the long season runs from late November to early May.Approximately 2% of the courses are for beginners and intermediates, so kids and beginners can enjoy themselves with peace of mind.The moderately gentle slope is also very popular with guratori.
Business period 11/26 (Sat) -5/7 (Sun)

Snow Park Oze Tokura
A variety of 9 courses where you can enjoy powder snow.The snow park has a jump, jib, and slope section, and about 2km where you can play while running over 20 items, so beginners to advanced skiers can enjoy it.There are also hotels adjacent to the slopes.
Business period 12/21 (Wednesday) -4/2 (Sunday)

Norn Minakami Ski Resort
Approximately 95 minutes from the city center and only 3 km from the Kanetsu Expressway Minakami IC.It is a convenience store-like snow resort where you can go as soon as you feel like it.Although it is compact, it is also attractive that you can efficiently turn 5 courses with 2 quad lifts and enjoy changing slopes without getting bored.
Business period 12/19 (Mon) - 3/26 (Sun)

White Valley Ski Area
At the foot of Mt. Tanigawa, Lodge White Valley is surrounded by a beautiful silver world.A retro ski resort rich in nature, 7 km from the Kanetsu Expressway Minakami IC with excellent access.High-quality powder is piled up, and it is recommended to aim for the first powder in the morning, especially in the morning when it rains.
Business period late December to March 12 (Tue)

Kazawa Snow Area
A ski resort with a clear weather rate of 11% that can be enjoyed for the long season from November to April.The variety of courses that can satisfy everyone from beginners to advanced skiers is also attractive.A moderately tucked barn is also ideal for carving practice.The Pole Barn can be reserved for practice, so if you are aiming for a competition, please do.
Business period 11/26 (Sat) -4/9 (Sun)

Fujiten Snow Resort
The popular snow park has items that can be enjoyed by beginners to advanced skiers throughout the course.The items change regularly, so you won't get bored no matter how many times you come.A practice park with items for beginners and a free beginner's camp are also held regularly.
Business period Mid-December to early April

Maiko Snow Resort
Ultimate short access, 1 minute from Kanetsu Expressway Shiozawa Ishiuchi IC.3 courses in 26 areas that satisfy everyone from beginners to experts, with the longest running distance of 6,000m.Enjoy a comfortable trip at the one-day ski center with hot springs and childcare facilities, and Maiko Kogen Hotel, which is directly connected to the slopes.
Business period 12/16 (Friday) -4/2 (Sunday)

Ishiuchi Maruyama Ski Resort
It is easily accessible by train or car from the Tokyo metropolitan area, and you can enjoy a wide variety of courses in a scenic location.At "The Veranda Ishiuchi Maruyama", which has an observation terrace that opened this summer, you can enjoy the scenery and meals unique to Ishiuchi Maruyama.
Business period 12/16 (Friday) -4/2 (Sunday)

Iwappara Ski Resort
5 minutes from Kanetsu Expressway Yuzawa IC and 10 minutes by free shuttle bus from Echigo-Yuzawa Station.The famous ultra-wide gentle slope is easy to slide even for beginners, and is popular with gratlers.Enjoy the powder snow on the upper part of the giant course with a maximum slope of 35 degrees the day after it snows.
Business period 12/17 (Thursday) -4/2 (Sunday)

Joetsu International Ski Resort
Kamikuni is a vast snow resort consisting of four zones.Equipped with a wide variety of 4 courses, it can be enjoyed by all levels, from kids playing in the snow to advanced skiers.With gratitude for the 22th anniversary of this season, we will carry out many gift campaigns such as luxury prizes such as cars.
Business period 12/3 (Sat) -4/2 (Sun)

GALA Yuzawa Ski Resort
A ski resort directly connected to the Shinkansen station.It's about 74 minutes from Tokyo Station at the fastest, and about 5 minutes by car from Yuzawa IC.The slopes have a wide variety of courses with different speeds, and can be enjoyed by everyone from beginners to advanced skiers.
Business period 12/17 (Thursday) -5/7 (Sunday)

Muica Snow Resort
Excellent access, 5 minutes from Kanetsu Expressway Muikamachi IC.Enjoy a wide variety of 200 courses, including the main slope with a maximum width of 33m, the "Off-Piste Field" for experts where you can enjoy powder with a maximum slope of 12 degrees, and the snow park "Rookie" for beginners.
Business period 12/23 (Friday) -4/2 (Sunday)

Okutadami Maruyama Ski Resort
All natural snow unique to Niigata prefecture's heavy snowfall area is attractive.The high season is characterized by a temporary closure due to too much snow.You can enjoy powder even in spring.Perfect for ending the season.
Business period ① Late November to January 11 (Tuesday) ② Late March to early May

Akakura Kanko Resort Ski Resort
Good access, 8 minutes from Joshinetsu Expressway Myoko Kogen IC. There are two uncompacted snow courses, and when it snows, it is a popular ski resort for advanced skiers as a fresh powder zone.The freeride park is divided into two parts, the main park and the second park, and there are plenty of items.
Business period 12/17 (Thursday) -5/7 (Sunday)

Ikenotaira Onsen Alpenblick Ski Area
A mid-slope with a sense of speed, an uncompacted tree run course, Mavericks Park with a variety of items, and a kids' garden for small children.And you can enjoy a variety of courses, such as one of the best wide-burning courses in Japan that makes use of the magnificent foothills of Mt. Myoko.
Business period 12/17 (Thursday) -3/26 (Sunday)

Myoko Suginohara Ski Resort
You can enjoy a long run with a maximum run distance of about 8.5km.Approximately 80% of the slopes are for beginners and intermediate skiers, so anyone can ski with confidence.In the non-compacted snow area, you can enjoy fluffy powder snow, and the popular Sugi Park will have many items, mainly jibs.
Business period 12/24 (Sat) -3/26 (Sun)

Charmant Hiuchi Ski Area
During the high season from January to February, you can enjoy the finest powder in the vast uncompacted snow area with just one lift.The slopes are suitable for powder runs, and you can easily enjoy uncompacted snow. During the spring season from March to May, enjoy the uneven terrain that appears on the undulating course like a natural park.
Business period 12/16 (Friday) -5/7 (Sunday)

Shiga Kogen Central Area Ski Resort
"Shiga Kogen Central Area Ski Resort" is a general term for 13 ski resorts located in the center of Shiga Kogen (Sunvalley Ski Resort - Ichinose Ski Resort) with good snow quality.A wide variety of courses that can be enjoyed by beginners to experts are popular with a wide range of snowboarders.
Business period 11/26 (Sat) -5/7 (Sun)

Shiga Kogen Yakibitayama Ski Resort
The snow that falls on Mt. Yakebitai, which boasts an altitude of 2,000m, is high-quality powder snow with low humidity.The course is characterized by its coniferous forests and beautiful nature. The main course is the Olympic course, which was the stage of the Nagano Winter Olympics.
Business period 12/3 (Sat) -5/7 (Sun)

X-JAM Takai Fuji
The snow park where items for each level are available is popular.In the challenge park for beginners, you can play with 8 to 12 items, and in the X-JAM park for advanced users, you can enjoy 14m class triple kickers and 3m class straight jumps.Two half pipes are also permanently installed.
Business period 12/24 (Sat) -3/26 (Sun)

Nozawa Onsen Ski Resort
Enjoy the majestic beauty of nature and outstanding snow quality on 1,650 courses rich in variety that spread from the summit of Mt. Kenashi at an altitude of 44m.The village shuttle bus goes around to near the new Nagasaka Gondola Lift Sanroku Station.Access from the hot spring town has become even more convenient.
Business period 11/26 (Sat) -5/7 (Sun)

Tangram Ski Circus
Blessed with high-quality natural snow, there are a variety of courses that offer spectacular views of Hokushin Gogaku and Lake Nojiri.In addition to skiing and snowboarding, there are a variety of activities such as snow rafting and the Lake Nojiri sightseeing terrace.A snow resort where you can ski, stay and play.
Business period 12/17 (Thursday) -4/2 (Sunday)

Togari Onsen Ski Resort
A powder snow slope with a superb view that can be enjoyed by beginners to advanced skiers.In addition to the 13 courses with a wide variety of terrain, the legendary "permanent banked course" will appear again this season.There is no doubt that you will be addicted to the course where you can enjoy the XNUMXD sensation that makes use of the natural topography.
Business period 12/24 (Sat) -3/26 (Sun)

Hakuba Happoone Ski Resort
A full-fledged international mountain resort surrounded by 3,000m-class mountains. The 220ha Big Slope is one of the largest in Japan, and is popular for its versatile course layout that satisfies all skiers, from beginners to advanced skiers.Also, the magnificent view of the majestic mountains spreading out before your eyes is a must-see.
Business period 12/1 (Thursday) -5/7 (Sunday)

Hakuba Valley Tsugaike Kogen Ski Resort
With TSUGA POW DBD, where you can enjoy the finest powder snow, and TG PARKS, which offers high levels of safety and entertainment, the ski slopes will satisfy those who want to ski well.For beginners and families, we recommend the gentle slope with a course width of 1.2km.
Business period 12/1 (Thursday) -5/7 (Sunday)

Whitepia Takasu
Excellent access, about 10 minutes from the nearest interchange.The slopes are on the northern slopes, and you can enjoy good powder snow when it snows.In the high season, you can come and go from the adjacent Washigatake ski resort, making it a big resort where you can ski over a wider area.
Business period 11/19 (Sat) -3/26 (Sun)

Ski Jam Katsuyama
The longest running distance is 5,800m, which is the longest in western Japan. There are 3 mountain parks and a lineup of 14 courses that can be enjoyed by everyone from beginners to experts.When it snows, the tree run area where you can enjoy powder snow unique to the Sea of ​​Japan side is open to the public.
Business period 12/17 (Thursday) -4/2 (Sunday)

Lake Biwa Valley
With a wide variety of course variations, from a large panorama slope overlooking Lake Biwa to a quiet forest course, there is a lineup that even advanced skiers will be satisfied with, including parks, moguls, tree runs, and natural bumps.The Biwako Terrace is also open in winter, where you can enjoy the magnificent snowscape.
Business period 12/24 (Sat) -3/21 (Tue)

Daisen White Resort
Consisting of four areas: Kokusai, Uenohara, Nakanohara, and Goenji, this big resort is one of the largest in western Japan.You can overlook the Sea of ​​Japan from the slopes.The much-talked-about "Tyrannosaurus Race" will be held on 4/12, the scheduled opening date.
Business period 12/24 (Sat) -late March

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The application form isClick here for the guidelines.Click