LIBTECH Surf Trip & Morning Yoga

The other day, I participated in the LIBTECH surf trip in Ibaraki prefecture, where the GNU and LIBTECH companies are located!

All boards are LIB TECH

Not only snowboards but also surfboards are good!


1 week ago

I just got a yoga teacher's license RYT200,

Mr. Mike, the president of GNU

"Let's go surfing after doing yoga in the morning"

So I decided to teach outdoor yoga in the morning in a hurry!

I learned anew that outside yoga should be different from indoor yoga in terms of explanation.


Words too

When I was always an instructor in the studio, it was good to say "toward the ceiling ..." and "towards the floor ..."

In the case of outside yoga, "towards the sky ..." "towards the earth ..."

I wanted to practice changing depending on the situation.


Baby cobra pose


This was very helpful when I got up in the surf after this lol


So far I'm surfing

During this time, only LIBTECH surf trips ...

Gradually I realized the fun ^ _ ^

With Mr. Mike, the president of GNU and LIBTECH, who always warmly welcomes guests,

Thanks to LIBTECH's Koto-chan, who always invites me to surf trips! !!

It's strange that I couldn't stand up by surfing until now because I can make it a LIBTECH surfboard ❤︎