LIBTECH's legendary board "BIRDMAN" has been re-templated and released as a special order from Gunma's Pro Shop Trickster.

LIBTECH's BIRDMAN has many fans in Japan. This model was sold for six years from 2011, and then a limited edition bespoke model was sold at Gunma's Pro Shop Trickster in 6, but it has not been released since then. However, thanks to enthusiastic resale calls from Trickster's owner Mr. Sakabayashi and the Japanese distributor Advance, it will finally be reprinted next season. What's more, it's not just a resale, it's being reborn as a new "re-template" board. Probably the world's first LIBTECH, an unreleased board custom ordered by a pro shop and pre-released. Mr. Sakabayashi passionately talks about the story of how NEW BIRDMAN was born and the key points of its evolution, so I would like to introduce it to you.
Text: Sakabayashi (TRICK STAR)


How LIBTECH “BIRDMAN”, which has been passed down as a legend, was revived


The love we have for a board grows stronger over the years, and if that board is a model that has already been discontinued, there will only be fewer of them in existence. It can never increase.

I'm sure there are many LIBTECH fans who hold back this feeling towards Birdman. Birdman was released for only 2011 years starting in 6. It was a magical board that you would definitely get addicted to once you rode it. I fell in love with this board and had a custom model made once in 2018, but now even that is becoming a fantasy board.

“I want to ride that board again. I want to ride that board, just once.''

How many people in Japan think like this?

Birdman, which has been passed down as a legend, is a mysterious board that continues to attract more and more people as time passes. But a legend is still a legend. It is the norm of the world that things pass by as illusions.

A Japanese agency that handles Marvin and LIBTECH, continuing to believe in infinitely close to impossible possibilities.Advance Chairman Mike, President Yuki, and staff member Kosugi-kun, and it's been 6 years since I continued to express my feelings to them. Our long-awaited wish reached America, and Marvin decided to consider reproducing Birdman. However, that dream becomes a fleeting illusion due to the fact that “Birdman's template has already been discarded.”

I was about to give up when I thought, ``A dream is just a dream after all.'' The miraculous gears will begin to move.

As a result of continuing to express our passion, Pete from Marvin himself agreed to allow us to play the template.

This feeling can reach heaven! I'm so happy that I can't stop crying. The gears would not have moved without the help of the people at Advance who desperately communicated their feelings.

Marvin does not easily make special orders. Trickster is still made in only a limited number of shops around the world, with one shop in America, two shops in Canada, one shop in Europe, and in Asia, Trickster, which has been sold in Japan since the beginning of LIBTECH. A bespoke board has been released.


Birdman reborn


I am ecstatic about this bespoke order, which is the fifth time since the shop was founded.
(emmagator, litigator, scotty, birdman)
However, at the same time, I began to think of one thing deep within my heart.

A truly zombie-like plan to revive Birdman, who once disappeared from the world. I thought to myself, ``Does it really mean a ``resurrection'' to simply create something immersed in nostalgia? That would just be a ``revival''.''

In that case, ``If you are re-templating Birdman, it is important to breathe new life into it!'' ”.

Everyone who has ridden the Birdman has felt that ``a slight drop of the tail in the midst of the best feeling''. I wanted to change this. And the difference between the waist width standards at that time and the current waist width standards. I think we need to take into account that this has also changed significantly.

In other words, what we wanted for the reborn Birdman was ``a directional mild camber with the best ride comfort of that Birdman and a tail that pops without falling out at the end. And the waist width gives you a sense of stability.

I told him that a Birdman who possesses this ability should be a reborn Birdman.

And the graphics. It is a QUINCY masterpiece that was released only once in 2011 and will never be reprinted! SKUNK APE originally had a low sales volume. Furthermore, due to the year of the Great East Japan Earthquake, we adopted ZOMBI, which is loved by LIB fans all over the world due to its extremely low sales volume. Once Birdman “died”, coming back to life is essentially becoming a zombie.

The reborn Birdman was named ``SON OF BIRDMAN''.

Trickster Mr. Sakabayashi surrounded by the reborn birdman "SON OF BIRDMAN"

That phrase you often hear, "Sanova◯○◯!" is a slang term used to insult people in English. "Sanova B!!" Not a bitch's child, but Birdman's son.

The son whose father is Birdman is actually a ``maverick zombie who doesn't know his mother'' who is reborn in this world and returns.

This powerful, dark, and supremely anarchic board will most likely be added to LIB's lineup next season. In other words, this board produced this time is not a normal first model, but a ground zero model.

Probably the world's first LIBTECH unreleased board custom-ordered and pre-released at a pro shop. The fact that it takes place in Japan. This project has never existed before.

This extremely valuable board will be released in extremely small numbers of 160cm, 165cm, and 170cm.

There are very few limited boards, and the chances of encountering one may be very small. However, when the SON OF BIRDMAN returns to life from the dark world, he becomes a hungry zombie and devours the ski slopes wherever he goes, devours the deep snow and creates swells of powder, and goes on a rampage wherever he goes as he continues to search for his mother. Sho.

Only you, who loves LIBTECH, may be able to take him deep into the mountains and let him meet his real mother.

Pete, Marvin, and Marks for their efforts in getting this board out into the world. Also, Mike, Chairman of Advanced Marketing, who kindly agreed to my extraordinary request, President Yuki, who kindly conveyed his feelings to America, and Mr. Kosugi, who always gave me positive energy to make the board production happen. Everyone's help made this project a reality. thank you very much.


PRICE: 172,000 yen (tax excluded), 189,200 yen (tax included)
SIZE: 160cm, 165cm, 170cm
Expected reservation start date: Mid-June

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