Learn to FLY in Hakuba

It seems that FLOW TEAM will be coming to Japan in February this year, so he used to go to Hokkaido, but Mikey (Bassic) will go to Nagano!So I'll ask you because I'm going!
I decided to attend with that feeling.

The movies I shot almost every day for the week have been uploaded.

The Japanese translation was done by Teddy Koo, who happened to be visiting the TWS US office.I met Teddy at the airport and heard about it. THX.


When I come with Mikey, I'm a person who has been slipping all over the world for XNUMX years, so I have to be prepared to guide him.

That said, it came last year as well.

I liked it

It's easy to do if Mikey just comes in shooting XNUMX
This time FLOW + photographer + TWS US editing & movie.

If I couldn't make it on the first day, I was immediately sentenced to confiscate the lift ticket at a ski resort. ..

It is a sad incident that is often done by foreign professionals due to gaps in culture, rules, and senses. ..
Huh,,? ??Can't i?Like.

However, it was truly an outing.

No way, there was such a rider in it, hey.

Thanks to Takashi Murakami, a legendary snowboarder who is an important reference in the history of snowboarding, known to those in the know, and helped me, I was able to enjoy caring for them from beginning to end.
The FLOW team feels good.

Since there is Mikey, it is quite deep and thick.

I will also show you the street rails and explain to USTWS editor Gerhard that the rules for off-course skiing in Japan vary from place to place and that it can be a problem. It was Bimyo to tell.

Question XNUMX How should foreigners decide where to slip and where they shouldn't?

What a difficult question! ..

However, it is clear that it is a very important point for foreigners.

I don't want to go to ski resorts where powder can't slip, and I don't want anyone to traverse wherever I go.

To put it simply, it's all useless, no, that's not the case, hmm.

Is it a good place to slip because you are Japanese?There is no such place.

What does it mean to be a place where Japanese people don't slip, but foreigners do? ??

From now on, more and more foreigners will come to Japan, and if you do it like your own country, you may be afraid.It would be a pretty good job if that was conveyed to American snowboarders a little, but ...

In the mountains of Japan, helicopters, ospreys and fighters can fly freely in war training, but helicopter snowboarding and skiing are not so easy.

When it comes to heliboarding and skiing, in North America and New Zealand, spend a little money and make a few days trip with your friends!When I think about the feeling that everyone is experiencing normally,
Even if there are people who want to do it in Japan, it is extremely difficult to operate because it is bound by humorous laws.So, it's a little sad that I haven't enjoyed such a wonderful vacation in spite of the excellent environment.It can be said that.

Even though I only slip, do you even use a helicopter, where is the stupid? !!I'm sure there are people who say that, but I sometimes think so, but that's fine.If you can ride it once in a while.If I had a chance, I wanted to ride it, but last year I was able to ride it five times.
I've met many people who enjoy helicopter boarding as office workers,
I often hear that rich people are chartered for two weeks, and it's really an intra-group at some school, Terrier and Mikey, and someone else.

If you talk about helicopters too much, it sounds like you like helicopters, but
Basically, I think you should walk.A lift or gondola alone is quite sufficient without walking.

If you want to ride, you can ride it, and if you don't like it, don't look.If I can't get on, I'll just try to get on, but in Japan there is no heli service even if there is snow and mountains.No, it's in Tomamu. .. ..
To increase the satisfaction and repeaters of foreign tourists,'(% $ # &'% &'$% # ((')! &'$ &'(“% # (”

Is that okay?

To be clear, I am happy enough to enjoy myself with or without a helicopter in Japan, but if so, I would like to ride.

It's like that.

It will be an unforgettable experience. ..

However, the quiet sky is certainly irreplaceable. ..

But if it's the sound of the joy that people are enjoying life, but if it's preparing for war, they'll forgive me. .. ..

It's easy to talk about it, but this is a big story, so

I'll leave it around here.

It's autumn.

I am devoted to pears and Kyoho. ..