Volume 7 of "Norry 360" ~ LATE project x FREERUN Encyclopedia of Gratley

The content of the series is gradually being upgraded !! Gratley HOW TO movie series "Gratley Encyclopedia" by LATE project presents. Over the three months, the members of the LATE project will explain the techniques that are the points of the Gratley HOW TO while gradually improving the level.As the temperature gradually drops and the topic of snowfall increases, it seems that the Gratley Encyclopedia / Intermediate Edition is also very popular, but this time we will give a lecture on "Norry 3".Winter season in about a month or so !! Watch this movie and let's get more excited while doing imagery for the season in! 

Norry 360

If you are just starting out with Gratley, let's set this "Norry XNUMX" as one goal!
by Kenichi Takizawa (Kenichi Takizawa: Rider introduction movie

The Norry XNUMX is easy to turn once you understand the principle.However, for some reason, this doesn't work at the beginning.
Even if you turn it with all your strength, it will not turn, so you will put more effort into it.
Then, instead of turning, it will fall.The repetition is very toothy.
Let's solve this dilemma and be able to turn it smoothly without putting effort ♪

First, try turning around on the spot without wearing a board.Jumping on both feet is OK ♪
XNUMX At first, try turning around without thinking about anything.
XNUMX Once you've done that, spread your legs across the width of your stance and go around.
Third, be aware of the direction of your stance and try turning from a sliding posture.
XNUMX At the end, turn the landing foot so that it returns to the position of the foot when it flew.

how is it?The difficulty gradually increased.Did you turn around beautifully?
People who can't turn neatly here will find it more difficult to wear a board, so first practice until you can turn at least one turn.
There are really many ways to turn it in detail, but there is one very important thing that I want you to be aware of first.
That is [line of sight].The rotation can be controlled by [line of sight].If the line of sight cannot turn in the direction of rotation, the initial movement of rotation cannot be made.
First, let's turn the [line of sight] in the direction of rotation so that it is directly behind the direction of travel!

And this is important!Don't look at your feet!
If you turn while looking at your feet, your chin will drop, your spine will bend, your hips will break, and you will become a stoop.The posture of the stoop causes poor exercise efficiency due to the imbalance of the body axis.
At first, I'm really worried about my feet and my eyes go down.This is an instinct.When I do a technique that I'm not used to, my eyes still go down.
Later, I checked the video and it's dented (laughs)
Consciously try to look far away at your own eye level.That alone will improve your posture and improve your body's axis.
If you can understand this [relationship between line of sight and axis], you can apply it to all techniques.

If you are afraid to fall, you will be worried about your feet.However, if looking at your feet makes it easier to fall ...
Did you know that people who are walking firmly facing forward have a better posture than people who are walking while looking at their feet?People walking while looking at their smartphones also have a bad posture.
It's not that you don't look at your feet because you're snowboarding, but that you don't look at your feet when you do all the exercise.

And finally, please be aware of your line of sight when you land.
Please watch the slow video again.

The [line of sight] at the moment of landing is behind!
Landing will be done by looking in the direction opposite to the direction of travel.Do you remember the landing when you did the Norry Back XNUMX?
If you haven't seen the [Twist Exercise] item yet, please check here ♪

As with this backside 270, you will land using the [twist movement].Turn the upper body only 90 degrees, and turn the remaining XNUMX degrees only with the lower body.
When you understand that, what? It turns out that you don't have to make a full rotation XNUMX degrees.
Also, by landing with your line of sight facing backwards, you will be able to stop the rotation and turn neatly.

These three lines of sight
・ Send the line of sight in the direction of rotation
・ Do not look at your feet
・ Landing is behind
Please be aware of these things and go around again on the spot ♪

If you can turn around stably, you can apply the [telegraph pole principle] that you learned in the previous pivot.
Oh mysterious!You will be able to turn around with a light force ♪

As for Nory XNUMX, the how-to DVD "Late Camp Cheat Sheet, Vol. XNUMX" tells you how to practice what you are actually teaching in the lesson.
For those who want to know more details,
Please check this out as well ♪

<<<<<< Advice from LATE project members >>>>>>
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illusion(Phantom: Rider introduction movie
It's no exaggeration to say that this is a trick that beginners of Gratley definitely want to try!
First, relax.
Because it makes one revolution using the repulsion of the board,
When I try for the first time, I'm sure I'll work hard and I don't think I can perform well.
Be sure to be conscious of relaxing!
Secondly, the movement ahead of the line of sight.
When playing with nory, what is important is the leading movement of the line of sight and neck.
In fact, with the Norry 360, you don't have to swing your arm and you can turn it just by looking at it.
If you are too conscious of turning, you will not be able to do tricks smoothly just by doing so, so relax as I said at the beginning and control the spin with your eyes ♪
Third, control the landing firmly!
Landing control is important for Norry 360!If you drive around on landing, even if you can turn around, it is not a make-up.I think that this landing can be solved by leaving the line of sight in the opposite direction to the direction of travel, so please try it ♪
With the above three points, you too are Norry 3 Master ♪

Junji Yamamoto (Junji Yamamoto: Rider introduction movie
1 Use the repulsion of the board
2 Make a solid reservoir and the motion is big and clear!
If you use the repulsion of the board properly, the height will come out and it will be easier to turn.
The 360 ​​is the gateway to even higher revs in the future.
Therefore, it is necessary to make a solid foundation here.
Let's instill a sense of nory spin in your body by making each motion big and clear!

Kenichi Jimbo (Kenichi Jimbo: Rider introduction movie
1 Set in the middle of the backside turn
If you enter Norry from the point where the board is straight with respect to the slope, you can naturally open your upper body in the direction of rotation.
2 Pull up your hind legs and play
If you make the shape of the nose press, you can play it firmly with the nose.
Let's use heel load for the forefoot.
3 eyes to the mountain side
By sending the board first and moving the line of sight to the mountain side with a delay, you can stop it without turning by inertia.

After mastering Norry 360, let's step up to 540! If you can reach 720, it will definitely stand out on the slopes! !!

Daiki Yoshitake (Daiki Yoshitake: Rider introduction movie
Squat firmly and step forward with the heel turn as a trigger!
To briefly explain, it looks like this, but it's quite deep (laughs) Let's turn our shoulders in parallel without lowering our eyes!
Also, people who have stopped rotating on the way usually have their shoulders closed, so keep looking in the direction of rotation.

Norry's smashing is quite deep (laughs) I heard various rider's hitting methods, but since each person's hitting method is really different, I found a method that suits me through trial and error 540, I want you to aim for 720, 900 !?!

Kazuki Tanaka (Paul Kazuki Tanaka: Rider introduction movie
Can you tell the difference between 360, 540 and 720?
First of all, let's be able to count why it is 360 and how many times it is 540.It looks like it's spinning, and in fact it's only spinning once in the air.
First, as the basis of the count of Gratley, the first kicking action is counted as the number of revolutions.So the 360 ​​counts the first kicking action as 180 and only turns 180 in the air, which means that anyone who can move 180 can afford the 360.If you haven't grasped it, please reconfirm the movement of Pipod 180.Also, since it is an action of stepping on the board on the valley side, those who are reluctant to step on the valley side should develop a sense with a nose manual or the like.
Next, the 540 makes one revolution in the air after taking a step, and techniques such as how to use the turn and how to feed the eyes and shoulders are required.I think there is a hint in the explanation of Pipod, so please combine it.
However, the most important thing here is also the count of the number of revolutions, if you do not know the number of revolutions, it is just turned to the board.The easiest thing to understand is to count by the scenery, in the case of 1 it should be the same scenery again after the technique is over, in the case of 360 it should be the scenery on the back side.Try to count the number of revolutions by turning without flying while actually riding on the board. If you turn toward the scenery that you can see when the technique is completed, you will not make more advanced movements than necessary and the axis will be stable.

Yohei Muroi (Yohei Muroi: Rider introduction movie
Before you get used to it, "I want to turn it" is Norry 360
I can't turn it well while trying to force it with my upper body or turning my hind legs.
The most important thing is to "bend" and "stretch" your knees.
That's it!
"Crouch" and "jump" during the heel side turn.
Side G on the turn
If you can play the nose firmly here, you can turn it without turning it!
At first, practice on gentle slopes, soft burns and shaba snow!

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Nickname: Yohe ● Hobbies: breakdance, cat ● Date of birth: April 1987, 4 ● Age: 7 years old ● Height: 30 cm ● Weight: 160 kg ● Home slope: Tambara Ski Park, Okutone Snow Park ● Activity area : Gunma, Niigata, Fukushima ● Board history: 75 years ● Rider history: 15 years ● Team: Spcrew ● Stance: Regular ● Angle: 3cm, 55, -9 ● Board brand: EXPARNA ● Board model: GLINT9, GLINT01 ● Boot brand : DC ● Boot model: SCOUT ● Vine brand: BURTON ● Vine model: Malavita ● Sponsor: EXPARNA / LATEproject / FLEAboardshop / SNOWLIFE
Nickname: Yohe ● Hobbies: breakdance, cat ● Date of birth: April 1987, 4 ● Age: 7 years old ● Height: 30 cm ● Weight: 160 kg ● Home slope: Tambara Ski Park, Okutone Snow Park ● Activity area : Gunma, Niigata, Fukushima ● Board history: 75 years ● Rider history: 15 years ● Team: Spcrew ● Stance: Regular ● Angle: 3cm, 55, -9 ● Board brand: EXPARNA ● Board model: GLINT9, GLINT01 ● Boot brand : DC ● Boot model: SCOUT ● Vine brand: BURTON ● Vine model: Malavita ● Sponsor: EXPARNA / LATEproject / FLEAboardshop / SNOWLIFE


Hideki Kishinami (Hideki Kishinami: Rider introduction movie
Tips for getting high with nory!
Imagine pulling up the knees of your hind legs instead of stepping on the board when turning Norry.It is easier to apply force and create height than to step on a board and bend it.
After that, let's fly according to the playing

Rei Takahashi (Rei Takahashi: Rider introduction movie
When turning Norry, I think the most important thing is to increase the height rather than the speed of rotation.
By raising the height, you can create further steps such as increasing the number of revolutions and adding lock and shuffle arrangements.
First of all, step on the nose, raise the upper body, raise the lower body after flying, and acquire these feelings firmly to complete the tall Nory 360.
Step on the nose near 90 ° → Pull up the upper body at the timing when the repulsion returns → Pull up the lower body after playing → After turning 180 °, turn the remaining 180 ° with just your feet.

Hyodo Ryu (Ryu Hyodo: Rider introduction movie
As with Pivot 180, the beginning of the backside turn from a low approach position
At the moment when the heel edge near the forefoot catches the snow surface, the center of gravity is moved to the nose, and the nose is played while stretching.

When you play the nose, your eyes, shoulders, and chest should face the mountain side in the front side spin direction.
After flipping the nose, pull both feet together and twist the upper and lower body backwards from 180 to 360.
Land on the toe edge while stopping the rotation at 360.

Ryota Tanaka (Ryota Tanaka: Rider introduction movie
Part 1 Take back
Part 2 FS spin line
1 Like Pivot 180, even if you try to turn it with just the board, it will not turn.
Try to make a reservoir firmly with your upper body.

2 Flat the board when doing 180, 360, etc. with the kicker flat.I think it's not a line, but a thin heel edge.
Try to line up the Norry 360 in the same way.Since it is played with the nose, the line is the same as the spin of the ollie, although it changes only at the end.It would be nice to be able to increase the height by using the bending and repulsion of the board.

Let me briefly explain the order in which you move your body ...
Upper body → lower body → lower body → upper body.
I hope you will remember the cool Norry 360.