Interview with K&K Kenji Fujimoto “EBI .LYT”

Q1: First of all, please introduce yourself. Fujimoto:in Hiroshima K&K Snowboar project I'm Kenji Fujimoto, who runs a shop called! ! Everyone calls me Kenji from K&K! ! Q2: What is your usual writing style? Fujimoto:I used to be a halfpipe athlete, but now I'm more of a carving person. However, I mainly like carving and flying and bouncing on the terrain! ! Q3: What kind of activities are you currently involved in? Fujimoto:Now on Youtube"K&K Theory"I'm transmitting theories that make carving easier, and I mainly give lessons to those viewers.
Q4: Why did you choose EBI LYT? Fujimoto:I want to enjoy not only carving, but also carving and playing with the terrain, so having a short effective edge and good grip makes it easy to play with the terrain and I can cut the carving.EBI .LYT I ride it all the time! ! Q5: Please tell me the characteristics of EBI LYT. 藤 本: Powder board ➕ There is also the effect of hybrid camber, but the grip when carving due to the thickness of the waist is overwhelmingly high, so you can carve any terrain with the strongest grip board that will not shift the carving turn in any curve. You can be very satisfied with both Jump and Jump! Q6: EBI LYT has a distinctive swallow tail shape, and many people may think of it as a powder board, but what do you think? Fujimoto:It's definitely a powder board! ! However, even though it is a powder board, it has a hybrid camber structure, so the carving performance is high! ! I think of it as a carving board with high powder performance! ! Q7: What level and riding style do you recommend it for? Fujimoto:It's a highly maneuverable board, so regardless of your level, I recommend it to anyone who wants to enjoy snowboarding, carving, the terrain, and the mountain as a whole.
Q177: Mr. Fujimoto is XNUMXcm tall and what size EBILYT does he ride? Fujimoto:I use 156cm and 161cm. 161cm when you want to ski on rough roads or at high speed. When I want to enjoy terrain play, carving, and all-around fun, I ride the 156cm! ! Q9: It's great to use two! ! If you are a general user, it is difficult to carry two, but if you choose one,Do you think people who want to prioritize hard riding should choose a longer length, and those who want to have more fun choose a shorter length? Fujimoto:yes! ! I think so! ! I think it's best to choose based on what kind of skiing you want to do. If you are worried, please DM me! ! Q10: I'm getting flooded with DMs for this lol Instagram DMIs that okay? By the way, I'm 153cm tall, and I want to skate at high speeds, play with terrain, jump, and participate in banked tournaments! How many centimeters would you recommend if you were a selfish user? w Fujimoto:Instagram DM is fine! ! If it's a girl, there are various factors such as the size of the feet, but if you also consider maneuverability, I'd say 147cm. Q11: I see! After all, if you're worried, I'll DM you on Fujimoto-san's Instagram lol How do you set it up? Fujimoto:I always ski at 36° in front and 24° in back without changing anything! ! Q12: Lastly, I would like to ride EBI LYT, but would I be able to ride it? Please give some advice to those who are thinking about purchasing! Fujimoto:I can really recommend it, so I thought I was fooled and bought it lol
Name Kenji Fujimoto / Born August 1979, 8 ■ Height / 26 cm ■ Stance / Regular Stance width 177 cm ■ Angle / 58 degrees front, 36 degrees back ■ Snowboarding experience / 24 years ■ Home mountain / Osorakan Snow Park ■ Items used / board:EBI LYT 156cm Boots: TEAM BOA Bindings:SP CORE ME ■Instagram/