KIRARA KAMP2018 ~ For children who shine brilliantly ~

Kirara Camp, which is celebrating its 16th year, will be held for the first time in Karuizawa! !!

Participation from the elders is OK !!

We will do our best to support everyone's first time! !!

Communicate the fun of snowboarding and develop the ability to work hard on what you love! !!


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【Webinar Summary】

Schedule: January 2018th (Thursday) to 1th (Saturday), 4

Location: Karuizawa Snow Park (Gunma Prefecture)


Accommodation: President Resort Hotel Karuizawa

Target: 6 years old (older) -elementary school students from beginners OK

Capacity: 40 name

Price: XNUM X yen (tax included)

* 2 meals for 7 nights, including lift fee

* A separate rental fee is required for those who wish to rent.

Kirara 2018 coach introduction

Coaches to attend:

Yuya Nakayama, Sachi Tanaka, Tatsumasa Takahashi, Hayato Imai

Sachi Amano, Sakura Komine, Aoi Takahashi, Michiyo Hashimoto

* Coaches and staff are subject to change.

Former Olympic athlete snowboarding.

Kids snowboard training NO.1!

With the aim of "raising children who shine brilliantly" through snowboarding

An accommodation-type snowboarding class by a former Olympic athlete, which was established in 2003.

From the first snowboarding experience to player training in "KIRARA KAMP"

There is all about training kids snowboards for all levels nationwide.

Introducing photos of the three days of camp!

Search for "Kirara Camp 3 Days Flow"!

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Inquiries / Applications

TEL: 0267-31-6527 (weekdays from 10:17 to XNUMX:XNUMX)

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