Chiba Kings

I've been to Kobe for a long time, but I've been to Chiba once in a while because I've had more opportunities to go there lately.

Kobe KINGS is quite at home, probably because it's all around.
There are also two lanes.First-timers fly small, and after a little getting used to it, most people fly this jump.There are 2 places to drop and the speeds that can be put out are different, so people who are scared are from the bottom, and people who want to fly a lot are from the top.
There is also a permanent camera underneath where you can see your slip, so you can check it every time you fly!
I can see people flying wherever I am, and I wonder if everyone is slipping while saying this.

The other day, when I went to play with you and Tachi-kun, one person asked me and told me, but in the end I taught 1 or 5,6 people.I'm glad everyone grew up, and above all, I was happy that it seemed to be fun!
Recently, I've been teaching less, but I'm glad if you get better and I hope you'll have a little fun!


Chiba Kings

Recently opened, it's wide for the time being!

There is a reception and rest space in the middle and two jumps on the other side.


I've only been to Kobe, but Chiba is also good!
Unlike Kobe, it's open!
Aki Hiraoka always?And give me some advice!

KINGS isn't snow, I can't land, and sometimes I hear things like ...
It's certainly not snow, and even if you fly comfortably, you can't land and get wet!

However, summer snow can slide almost like snow, and you can immediately try techniques that are difficult to try on mats and mountains.
The winter season in Japan is 4 to 5 months, and it's longer off, and I think the season will be even more fun if you can learn the techniques at KINGS.We skate every day, but most people feel like how many days a month they can go, and I'd be absolutely happy if I could do something I couldn't do before!

I want you to do the techniques you learned in KINGS in the mountains!If you ask me, I think I can give you some advice so that you can do it in the mountains.I can't teach you how to do it.Lol 
I want to be able to turn 180 more times than ever before!Or, I want to have a grab here and go around cool!I don't have to go around a lot, and I want to make a jump that suits the person who can do it in the mountains.

So, if you find one, please ask me anything!
I can't tell you all the time, but I can give you some advice and I think it will be more fun!

I'm looking forward to skiing in the mountains in another two months!
What to do and where to go this year.
What kind of encounter will you have this year?
I'm looking forward to it!

met a rainbow