kids snowboarding classroom

Entering the third term this year!

I will do it this year as well ♫

It's a great success every year ~ ♫
★ ☆ Daisuke Murakami
       kids snowboarding class ☆ ★

[Details of the 1st session this year]
★ Wednesday, December 12th
⚫️ Main instruction
Halfpipe participates in the Olympics twice

Daisuke Murakami

4 other instructors
⚫️ban.K ski resort
⚫️ Beginner, intermediate, advanced, 10 people each.
⚫️ Teaching time 2 hours‼ ︎
As soon as the number of participants is decided, the time and course will be decided!

⚫️ Guidance fee 4500 yen (including lift and insurance)
⚫️ Rental fee 1000 yen (provided by K2) 
★ Year-round to elementary school students

⚪️ If you would like to participate, please leave a comment or message‼ ️ Alternatively, please contact us at this address.

The reception will be closed as soon as 30 people gather.