(Video included〼) This is what Kawaba Ski Resort looked like right after it opened.

~Synopsis up to last time~

Meet up with the snowboarder Iwa-chan at the Kawaba Ski Resort just after the opening.However, Iwa-chan couldn't come to the ski resort because he suddenly got a TV recording job.

So I relied on the kraft Snow crew (Shoya & Mittsu).

The person who introduced me to the super-yabakyara Mittsu was Shoya, who is now a krafter, with whom Toru once became friends during his stay in New Zealand.

Thanks to Mittsu who didn't listen to us in a good way, we enjoyed the first Kawaba ride of the season. (This is the last story)


(This is the story from here)

After being alone, Toru relied on professional pro Atsuo Takahashi, who used to work as a colleague at NZSC (New Zealand Snowboard Camp).

Speaking of Leo School, Iwa-chan used to be...

This happened once (laughs).


What was waiting for him when he visited "Takahashi Atsuo Pro Park & ​​Gratri School" where Leo is the representative?

When I rang the doorbell at the reception this time, the vice principal Yota who responded

"Cherry" that is also drawn on Leo's signature glove

Enjoy riding the Sakuragawa course with Vice Principal Yota, who boasts XNUMX years of lessons at Kawaba.

Also, in the video, Toru & Iwa-chan announced the announcement.

Please watch it by all means ~