K2 x Tony Hawk Party Platter Whiteout Global Release!

The K2 x Tony Hawk, which was well received last year, is back.
This time, it will be a white version only for Party Platter, and it will be available in limited quantities at stores that carry K2 from 10/28 Japan time.Please visit the shop near youContact UsTo!
またOfficial online shopBut it will be sold.

K2 x Tony Hawk Party Platter Whiteout
The PARTY PLATTER is an all-terrain, fun shapeboard.The slightly thick shape makes it difficult for the toe and heel to get caught on the snow surface, making it excellent for riding in groomed areas and providing buoyancy even in deep powder.The Ollie Bar™ adds pop and aggression on side hits and freestyle riding.Designed to be fun to ride every day, in any condition.Choose a size that is 3-5cm shorter than your normal board.

Terrain: anything, anywhere
Riding Style: All Mountain Freeride and Freestyle Side
Ability Level: Intermediate to Advanced

 BAP Core – A blend of 3 renewable woods for a strong, light and durable core.
 Ollie Bar™ – Pre-curved carbon fiber strip between legs for ultimate pop-up.
 Sintered 4000 Base – Easily absorbs wax for relentless glide and unmatched durability.
 ・Volume Shift™ – 3-5cm size down from normal snowboard length.

Key future:
Directional Combination Camber Profile, Biax Grass, Ollie Bar™, Volume Shift™, Sintered 4000 base

Sizes: 142, 147, 152, 157
Length: 152
Effective Edge: 104
Tip/waist/Tail: 31/27/30
Sidecut: 7.8
Stance Inch: 22”
Setback: Centered
PRICE: 81,400 yen (tax included)


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