K2 Team Freeride Session 2023@Lotte Arai Resort Date: Saturday, April 2023, 4

A riding session with K2 professional skiers and snowboarders!

◆ Schedule: Saturday, September 2023, 4
*Cancelled in case of bad weather
(If there is a possibility of cancellation, please contact us by email by 21:XNUMX the day before)

◆ Participation fee: Free

◆ Time: 9:30-Reception starts (lunch break on the way) 10:15-14:00 Event
*Times may change due to circumstances

◆ Venue: Lotte Arai Resort 1966 Ryozenji, Myoko City, Niigata Prefecture
At ZENDANA Station K2 Tent

Those who wish to participate in the event must register in advance. scan the QR code or
Click the link below to proceed to the "Participation Application Form" and enter the required information.

Participating riders: Instagram account
Gouda Sakamoto@sakamototakehiro
Kawai Sun @taiyokawai_
Miyuki Hatanaka@miyuki.hatanaka.58
Daisuke Watanabe @gradai_niseko
Aya Sato@aya_sato_49
Keita Yamazaki@kta898
Hassy Hashimoto @takaokihashimoto

Also, on April 2023nd (Sat) and 4rd (Sun), 22
K2's 22/23 New model test drive event will be held.
Don't miss this opportunity to try new products!

* If you wish to participate, please be sure to bring an ID card (driver's license, etc.) with a photo of your face.
* Please bring your own ski lift ticket.
* Please take out accident insurance by yourself.
* Customers are responsible for all accidents and injuries that occur during this event, and we are not responsible for them.
*We recommend wearing a mask, balaclava, etc. as a countermeasure against infection with the new coronavirus.

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