K2 Snowboarding & K2 Skis 2020 Limited Series “Jeremy Dean x K2” will be released globally on November 11th!

Collaboration with artist and designer Jeremy Dean based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.Inspired by punk, hardcore and youth culture, Jeremy's bold colors are creative.

Graphic concept
"For some reason, there were bees in my eldest son's room. They seemed to love one window, and at one point there was a huge beehive at the top of the window sill. I for my son I had to kill all the bees. It's a house with old windows, so there are gaps here and there. The inspiration for that event is the concept of this graphic. "


K2 Snowboarding
Jeremy Dean x K2

Structure: Afterblack
List price 62,000 yen (excluding tax)
Size: 151, 154, 157
* Limited quantity, first-come-first-served limited apparel (long sleeve shirt) gift

* Released on 11/27

Jeremy – @deansnuts


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