K2 Snowboarding's global team movie "For Instance" has been released!

Today, the latest global team movie from K2 Snowboarding's home country has been released.
Check out the 12-minute movie, which features the following gorgeous riders and condenses all the play of snowboarding, from streets to powder rides to jumps.

Snowboarding by Mark Wilson, Pat Moore, Melissa Riitano, Nick Erickson, Bar Dadon, Noah Brown, Gabe Ferguson, Sage Kotsenburg, and Parker Szumowski. Cameos by Noah Peterson, Jonas Harris, Dan McGonagle, and Curtis Ciszek.
Principle Videography and Edited by Seamus Foster
Additional Filming by Tyler Orton, Jon Stark, Logan Beaulieu, and Marc O'Malley
Photography by Jeremy Thornburg and Marc O'Malley
K2 Snowboarding Presents For Instance… on YouTube

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