A short movie focusing on the super popular model "Party Platter" of K2 Snowboarding is dropped.

The latest work has arrived from the K2 Snowboarding Enjoyers series.
This time, a short movie with the theme of the hugely popular model "Party Platter", the name is "Party On A Platter".
The session focusing on Party Platter by K2 Snowboarding Team including Tim Eddy was introduced, and from Japan, Daisuke Watanabe, who is currently active globally, will be in this year's Austria edition following the previous shooting in the United States. Appearing.

Website is here

Before drawing the drawings for the Party Platter redesign, our goal was to complete a state-of-the-art slope tool that could handle all conditions.To reach this goal, I'll work with the K2 Snowboarding Team to fly to Austria, where all conditions are met, including jumps, jib, carving and powder, and do repeated tests (best job!) To reach the goal. Achieved.To be honest, I think we made it so cool that we couldn't complain. by K2 Snowboarding

Photo Work: Marc O'Malley | @marcomalley & Alex Papis | @alex_papis

All Videos: Seamus Foster | @ shame.is