I'm sure it's warmer than before (is the temperature higher than usual?)

It snows a lot!

I'm glad we were happy when it snowed

This is someone's car


This year too, it's crowded with a lot of foreign visitors! (For the time being, the areas of Hakuba, Nozawa, and Hokushin that I was looking at, + Myoko Kogen, etc.)

Professional riders are coming to shoot one after another, and the momentum is only increasing every year.

I've been participating in the shooting of overseas crews since the end of the year, and I'm experiencing the difference in the way of shooting with ourselves. !! !! !! !! !!

The head of riders in the world + riding is amazing.

So, as I did last season, I feel like I'm completely spending time with foreigners while I'm in Japan, and I'm so busy that I can't take care of my friends who come over and over again.



Mickel celebrated his birthday in Hakuba for the second consecutive year.

Superman Tendo Snowboarder

This was the first time I was surprised to see z Norwegian style ?!


Ever Green Hakuba's YETI, Dave, has been with me since I was a high school student.

It is truly a vibes.A reliable uncle.





At the TEXMEX restaurant called Uncle Steven's in Happo, where I got a winter greeting in December, the owner, Mr. Ohno, gave me a tequila like a real adult pure rice wine.

Don't let me drive drunk, what's the rest?


The mix tape that came out for the first time in XNUMX years.I was surprised that the sound of the tape was like this




Is it rare in another mountain?I found green.I wonder what it is.

I can't stay this way.I have to go to bed early.

I am enjoying myself and doing it seriously, even though I am fully dented every day. ..

Overkill chewy! !! !!