JAPAN SNOWBOARD ACADEMY 10th school opens at Grandeco Snow Resort! & Staff recruitment

Japan's largest snowboard school "JAPAN SNOWBOARD ACADEMY", including Takasu Snow Park, Dynaland, and Ski Jam Katsuyama.
This term, the 10th memorable school will open at Grandeco Snow Resort in Fukushima Prefecture. We support the progress of snowboarders with "uncompromising service" centered on JSA's school policy of "completely small group lessons" for up to 1 students per class!


In addition, we are looking for school staff!

JSA is looking for school staff for the 2-18-19 season.Full-time employees are free of dormitory fees, and newcomers are treated with salaries even during training.There are many professional snowboarders, demonstrators, and A-class instructors of various genres such as alpine, cross, and slopestyle.Of course, there is also riding training, which is also an opportunity to improve your own skills.Above all, "I love snowboarding! If you have the feeling, it doesn't matter what your age or experience is, so why not make your "love" a job?



・ DYNALAND (Gifu Prefecture)
・ Takasu Snow Park (Gifu Prefecture)
・ Hirugano Kogen Ski Resort (Gifu Prefecture)
・ Ski Jam Katsuyama (Fukui Prefecture)
・ Tambara Ski Park (Gunma Prefecture)
・ Chikusa Highland Ski Resort (Hyogo Prefecture)
・ Imajo 365 Ski Resort (Fukui Prefecture)
・ Mineyama Kogen Resort White Peak (Hyogo Prefecture)
・ SNOVA Hashima (Gifu Prefecture)
・ Grandeco Snow Resort (Fukushima Prefecture) [New school]

Job openings
・ Snowboard instructor (full-time / part-time) ・ Snowboard instructor assistant ・ Reception staff ・ Rental staff

Business contents
・ Snowboard instructions ・ Snowboard school reception ・ Snowboard rental business

・ According to this ACADEMY regulation. (Hourly wage 800-2200 yen) Dormitory fee, food expenses subsidy, and other allowances

Employment period

・ Mid-December 2018-Early May 12 * Period is based on each resort business period

Working hours
・ 6: 00-17: 00 (varies depending on job type / weekday / weekend)


・ Dormitory complete, uniform rental, lift pass rental, material sales benefits, teaching method, instructor qualification acquisition.Training to improve personal skills, overseas training in New Zealand (July-September) * Actual cost required

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* JAPAN SNOWBOARD ACADEMY will also open an "instructor training school" from 2018.Lectures are given on the indoor slopes (Snova Hashima / Gifu Prefecture) during the off-season when there is no snow.If you want to become an instructor or are interested, check this article !! (Issue 1,Issue 2