(Video included) I found Mr. Guratori in Kawaba, so I followed him as a snowboarding comedian.


Happy new year! congratulations!

Reiwa 6, 2024 has started, how are you all doing? ?

Early season? Is it the middle of January? Early stage? but! !

...Are there still many places where there isn't much snow? Sweat

I feel like we still need snow in the mountains...


Kawaba Ski Resort Edition Opening

On December 2023, 12, I went to Kawaba Ski Resort, a popular ski resort in Gunma Prefecture, with Iwa-chan, the self-proclaimed No. 20 snowboarder and comedian in the entertainment world!

I found the ``Milk Soap'' corner, the main sponsor of ``COWDAY AWARD,'' which I also hosted!



I greeted Manager Sakamoto and asked him about this year's ski resort, and it seems that they have teamed up with "Kokoheli" to offer many safer tree run courses!

There were some kind and maniacal customers who greeted us (lol) Thank you! I will do my best!


Easy lift with a bar to rest your feet on while riding

Lots of memories in Kawaba

Yes, there are many memories...
for example! The confrontation with Ayu made me laugh out loud...lol

Memories of Iwa-chan and Leo, who were so kind to me but still overpaid for the lesson fee...


I happened to run into Iwa-chan's teammate Yuma (who Iwa-chan says is the next team leader) who will start a snowboard shop "ENCOUNT" in Isesaki City, Gunma Prefecture in January 2024!

We decided to meet up again after work and take a photo!
It was canceled at the beginning of last season, so I'll ask Iwa-chan to do her best from the first episode.
Iwa-chan goes to the wide box while taking a selfie! You can also see this situation in the “Winter Iwa-chan” video!

By the way, this "double hand slide turn" action is something I learned from Demonstrator Ushii at a ski resort! w Ushi-kun, how are you doing?

When I skate, Iwa-chan uses her cunning skills, so if I make a mistake, I'll be in big trouble.

Please watch the main story to see what kind of bullying is being done (lol)
Legendary skater Hayashi is at Murasaki Sports Kawaba Ski Resort store! I can meet!

It was time for Yuma to skate, so I caught her! w

In the main story, there's a lot of gravitation, so please check it out and comment in support! w

So, please check out the main part of our Kawaba trip!