[Video available] The world's only skate park in Utsunomiya! ?

Hello~ It's been a while.


The other day, I was born in Utsunomiya City, Tochigi Prefecture.

I visited a new skate park, so I would like to report it.

(Maybe this is the only skate park in the world???)

This is run by Mr. Otake, a senior surfer with a local sideways connection...

A flower shop that has been in business for XNUMX years!

When I came to play with my senior who runs a company in my hometown Utsunomiya, I decided to take a picture in a hurry. (This senior is also a great person who holds various events and excites Utsunomiya)


On the day of the event, the kids who usually take lessons were also in the park.who is your teacher

The owner's son and a young skater belonging to Utsunomiya Murasaki Sports Interpark Village.

Nagisa Otake (Otake Show) will introduce the park

(Since we suddenly went out to play, he received a call from his father and came in a hurry, and in the flow of shooting, he skated suddenly without warm-up w)

The air-conditioned store had mini lamps, while the spacious former greenhouse had quarters, banks, ledges and various sections (see video for details).

It seems that the event is also held, and the names of the sponsoring companies are lined up

I'm going to ask you to give me a quick tour of the park.

Before I knew it, a hot slip...

The pattern of the day that became like a demonstration time

Please watch the video below~!


(Yes) Takarashima Green

321-0973 Iwasocho, Utsunomiya City, Tochigi Prefecture 1218-3

Phone number: 028-661-2463 or 080-4425-6457

Usage fee: 500 yen

Please contact us by phone before coming to the store.

Guest rider: Nagisa Otake

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