The theme is ERO!? LUFFIN SKATE TV collaboration video ~Part 2~

A surf skate that is said to be perfect for off-training for snowboarders!

introduced last time

Have you already watched the first collaboration video with the Surf Skate Entertainment YOUTUBER “LUFFIN SKATE TV” crew?

Check out LUFFIN SKATE TV YOUTUBE ch here!
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If you haven't watched it yet, please watch it below! w

hey?It was fun, wasn't it?

Everyone in LUFFIN SKATE has a great gag sense! w

This time, I had a great time with everyone who visited my alma mater, JWSC (International Snowboard & Skateboard College → Rider Training College in Myoko City, Niigata Prefecture).

A trilogy of collaborative videos has been created.

The second part is YOUTUBE ch by myself, Fujinuma Itaru.From “To Fujinuma Pro Snowboarder/RIDE FOR A SMILE”It's now open to the public!

The content was for three people to experience the JWSC butterfly bowl.


Anyway, these three...
Outstanding teamwork! ! !


LUFFIN SKATE TV, which usually consists of three members,

According to information before the meeting...

Beginner: Quail MG (manager)

Beginner/intermediate: MAKIKO (main MC)

Intermediate: King of Eggs (Cameraman and Producer)



"Were you all seniors?"

The king of eggs, who makes cool comments on mischievous ad-libs.


LUFFIN crew “No, no, no, no!” lol

I felt like I was betraying you lol


MAKIKO, the main MC of the channel, is a beginner/intermediate (be humble!)

I was a beginner when the channel opened!That's a lot of progress!


Cameraman and Director The King of Eggs is about intermediate level (again, be humble!)


Quail MG is a surfskating beginner (54th hour)

The beginning...

At this time, Uzura MG, who had been skating for XNUMX hours, also tried the butterfly bowl! w


It's a HOW TO content for quail MG & bowl debuts!


Everyone at Luffin Skate TV says "GO!" in the video lol


It seems like he decided on the theme after seeing one of the Uzura MGs.

The first practice theme was decided after seeing Uzura MG's skating.



"Connecting speed"

Let's make "Pumping" the theme!

In the beginning, we practiced "rowing" in the bowl.
Show exaggerated up and down movements to convey the key points of the rowing motion.
When I was explaining the operation of "pumping"...? Did MAKIKO-san say something?


While explaining the "pumping" motion to maintain speed in the bowl...oh? Mr. MAKIKO?

MAKIKO “Leave it to me!”

Arrive "Oh!?"

I love rowing! ?
I'm starting to feel tingly! w


MAKIKO will show us her XNUMXth sexy trick (!?) and also show us a model run!

When MAKIKO and the others showed us one trick, we were able to do a routine where we would give a "don" in return.
A model run for Uzura MG. As expected of Omakiko, you are very good at carving.


As expected of MAKIKO, who is the face of the channel, even after skating...

Only one sexy style in the surf skating world!Respect~!


MAKIKO, a professional sexy character who knows her role!As expected w

LUFFIN SKATE CREW will come up with silly jokes if you're not careful! w
When Toru returns to everyone after performing an exemplary pumping slide against Quail MG...
Is it a female leopard pose? ? ?
If I let this person do whatever he wants, will there be cases where there are no advertisements in the video? w
That's an OK range, right?Are you all happy? w
BAN!? Seriously! ?I'm scared~!


It's very very peaceful, but I'm seriously teaching (laughs)


While we were talking about the flow of training going forward...


The King of Eggs suggested, "Why don't you practice dropping?"

Uzura MG is also on board!

In fact, JWSC Lab has equipment that can be used for drop practice that is hard to find elsewhere!


Well then, Uzura MG!

Let's try drop-in practice! ! !


We will use the JWSC lab's specialty mat!

I kept dropping it over and over again!


In fact, the king also wanted to experience the mat! w


At this point, Uzura MG has been skating for about XNUMX hours! w

Successful drop-in even from higher transitions!


as a side note!

JWSC Lab also has air mats like this!

To practice hand plant
To practice backside air


Come on!Finally!

Quail MG is back at Butterfly Bowl!


Uzura MG gained confidence through safe repeated practice!Can you go! ?


Yay! ! !Is it makeup! ?


Daijou! ! ! w


And ...


From the butterfly bowl drop

Uzura MG takes on the challenge of carving! ! !


If you can make a drop-in, you can also practice carving first

You should be able to skate even better! ! !


Quail MG!

Let's go~~~~! ! !


Uzura MG's struggle is...

Please check the video! w

Come on!and!

The real hit is finally here!

I've been rooting for Uzura MG's drop for a long time.

LUFFIN SKATE TV main MC, beginner-intermediate representative MAKIKO!

Dashing through the butterfly bowl!

MAKIKO is alive! ! !


Run through!

When I asked him, ``Are you an intermediate player?'', he responded with a frantic response, ``Beginner-intermediate!'', and I felt that he was extremely particular about his words! w


run through...

circle~! ? w

circle~! ! ! ? w


take heart…

Let's go~~~~! ! !

*Please watch the video to see MAKIKO's great success!



Even more!

The king of eggs
He shows us the run that concludes this video! ! !
Were you a senior?When I asked him, he responded, “I’m an intermediate!” and I felt that he was very particular about the word “intermediate”! w
Were you all able to complete the graduation run you set this time? ?



The butterfly bowl session ended with lots of laughter from beginning to end!


Check out the video below to see what the session looks like!

A must-see for beginner skaters!I'll gently teach you how to slide the bowl.


Ahh! …No way! ?

That's right!this timetrilogyyou know!


next time! We will deliver the third collaboration video on LUFFIN SKATE TV!

I received a request for a lecture on that technique! ?

MAKIKO has grown rapidly...

Flying MAKIKO! ?

MAKIKO has finally mastered that technique! ?


everyone!Attention please! ?What! ?lol

Please look forward to it!


*If you want to skate at JWSC Lab, you can do it at the trial campus!

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