Collaboration video trilogy with LUFFIN SKATE TV ~Part XNUMX~

"Surfskates" are often said to be perfect for off-training for snowboarders.

I would like to introduce everyone who is working on the theme of such surfskating!

Itaru Fujinuma is also a lecturer at a vocational school in Myoko City, Niigata Prefecture.JWSC(*)At the skate park "JWSC Skateboarding Lab" owned by


"LUFFIN SKATE TV"everyone has arrived!

*JWSC (formerly: All Japan Winter Sports College, now: International Snowboard & Skateboard College)”


  • Leading beginner surf skater MAKIKO
  • Cameraman, Editor and Producer King of Eggs
  • Beginner surf skating enthusiast Uzura MG

It is a skateboard entertainment channel with strong comedy elements created by three people! w

Everyone with a high sense of gags slides well and puts it all together, so there's always an interesting video being born every time.

Such people came to shoot at my alma mater, JWSC, the land of memories!

The day of the shoot was a scorching hot day! w

As expected of MAKIKO, she is a sunny woman! (JWSC Lab is an indoor facility, so you can ski even if it rains, so it's okay if the weather changes a little.)

It looks like MAKIKO-san, who has a sneaky mud style (?), secretly sneaks in!so cute
Thank you for your kind introduction~
MAKIKO's bottom measurement method is quite unique w

Three of them will also challenge the JWSC lab bowl!

MAKIKO was also adapting quickly and carving!
The creator of LUFFIN SKATE TV, King of Eggs, also challenges the Butterfly Bowl!skillful~!
The quail manager with XNUMX hours of skateboarding experience also challenged!I hope you have a good encounter!
It's a little slippery! w

There is laughter!

Everyone has a great gag sense! w
It's the first time I've seen that bottom burning! ! w

There is growth!

MAKIKO carving a high part of the wall to get over the round lip in the center of the bowl.
In the video, it seems that he showed a tremendous amount of rapid growth!


Graduation exam at last! ? w

I'm going to take a graduation exam (!?)! w
The king of eggs cuts the vanguard and drops!
And MAKIKO graduated too! ?

Please take a look at the video to see what happened today!

There is no doubt that you will be laughed at and impressed, and you will not be disappointed!lol


Next time, I'm thinking that it would be nice if I could introduce my video as the second part ~