I wonder if this will be a slip...

22nd-23rd Season Sliding (!?) Tateyama Backcountry

2023/05/16, I want to slip somewhere to finish my slip!By the way

I went to Tateyama

The view from near Murodo Sanso.Is it really better to go somewhere else?It's fun to spend time looking at the mountains while thinking about various things.

Over XNUMX years ago?That's why I often went to the mountains in the spring.

I feel that there is something to notice and learn whenever I go.

I love it.

When I finished skiing on Mt. Ryuou and looked back, I saw the track I had drawn.
Ticket prices have gone up, but the fun is priceless lol
The Yamazaki Cirque, which you slipped over the rocks last year, went smoothly this year, and I think there was still a little more snow around Mt. Oyama than at the same time last year.

If you watch the video, I think you can feel the atmosphere of Tateyama in spring.


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