We will help you make your splitboard debut with STEP ON®︎SPLIT.

It's much slower than usual, and there are fewer, and it's a little bit more gradually.

Snow has increased in the mountains (Myoko is still much less than usual)

Recently, I've been going to a nearby sports park to train on a splitboard.

Installing the interface

About cutting stickers

Also crampons, cheat sheets, etc.

I made a video for those who are in the pre-stages of making their split debut in the mountains.


I think it's a genre that has a lot of mysteries for those who haven't experienced it.

This video was created with consideration for the feelings of such people.



Please watch it once~

0:00 Opening 0:24 Prologue 1:37 What is SPLITBOARD? 3:09 Introducing the gear used in this SPLITBOARD strategy video 5:00 Interface setup (ride mode) 6:17 Interface setup (walk mode) 8:34 Binding installation 8:39 The forward lean of the step-on split is amazing 10:19 Now is the time to install the bindings (ride mode) 11:32 Install the bindings (walk mode) 14:52 About the heel lifter 16:57 About crampons 19:07 Climbing skin (cutting the seal) 29:00 STEP ON®︎ SPLIT attachment and detachment How fast can it be done? w 30:24 About the cheat sheet-like and skin saver-like things that Ito made w 31:20 Epilogue 31:59 Ending


By the way, here is the previous splitboard introduction video.

I asked a charismatic guy from Hakuba Backcountry to teach me how to splitboard, and we ended up creating a new legend at Sarukura the day after the opening (lol) ~HIKE&RIDE~