(Video included) RIDE FOR A SMILE ~Scorching Saitama Quest~

A snowboarding entertainer taught jump beginners tweaks at Saitama Quest


It has been a while~

Professional snowboarder Itaru Fujinuma & comedian Rider Iwa-chan will develop at snowboarding spots all over the country.

A snowboarding movie that makes you laugh and laugh at times

"RIDE FOR A SMILE" latest work

Midsummer Saitama Quest Edition

~A snowboarding entertainer taught jump beginners tweaks at Saitama Quest~

It was released today!

This time, I went to "Saitama Quest" to shoot an introduction video of one of Japan's largest ski and snowboard training facilities.

Two people who came to Saitama Quest

Self-proclaimed No. 1 snowboarder comedian "Iwa-chan" will teach snowboarding friend Daichi, a novice jumper, his special move "Tweak"!It becomes the flow to say
It turned out to be a good how-to video!lol

It was held at the Saitama Quest in the scorching heat of summer.

A moving (?) documentary depicting how an entertainer and a professional rider make a jump beginner master cool tweaks! w


It's a lot of laughter, so it's also recommended when you're tired!lol

Please take a look!and please comment lol

There was a student Taku at the reception!
Real serious Japan representative Ryoma was also practicing, so I took a great spin!
On this day, my brother's cue was off, but Shimazaki Brothers' brother Haku was practicing, so I greeted his mother and took a picture of the halfpipe competitor's practice using a straight jump!
The appearance of Yota Koike, coach of Takahashi Retsuo Pro School, who was indebted to Kawaba in winter!I had a solid lesson!
Iwa-chan's enthusiastic guidance! ? w
This seems to be a mistake lol
Is he really sweet?lol
Did you finally do it! ?Daichi! ?
Summer is in full swing!The latest work that is sure to make you burst into laughter taken at the scorching Saitama Quest!Please take a look! ! !