I went to Hunter Mountain with snowboarding comedian Iwa-chan.


Two people born on the exact same day

Professional snowboarder Itaru Fujinuma and self-proclaimed No. 1 snowboarder comedian Iwa-chan in the entertainment world

“RIDE FOR A SMILE” is a hilarious snowboarding movie about two people with the same horoscope.

This time it's Hunter Mountain edition!

For some reason, President Ogawa, CEO of U-U World Co., Ltd., an excellent company in Tochigi's hometown of Tochigi Prefecture, also joined us.

From the very popular slope in the Tokyo metropolitan area where it was possible to ski 3,000m from the end of the year, which is in great condition this season.

Let's go C〜\(^o^)c c(^o^)/


*Actually, U-U World Ogawa-san has appeared in videos in the past.

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