Video available Arai Snow Resort just after opening!


Hello, this is Arata! Heavy snow everywhere! That's Koyuki! That's what I said

Which one? ? We are having a strange beginning to the season, and here we are!

I was invited by Mr. Yu Yokoi, who is behind the ``ARAI Guide Service'' project that ``ARAI Snow Resort'' is launching this season.

I went to Arai Snow Resort right after it opened!

The day was December 12th, and there were many guests from abroad!

*The hotel name is "Lotte Arai Resort" and the ski resort is "ARAI Snow Resort", right?


Looking down at the lower world from the Zentana station... it's super beautiful! Ah, I can see my house! (lol)

It was a clear day and there were great views everywhere! ! ! I can't help but scream "Hyahoo!!!"

We took a commemorative photo with our guide, Waku, at the point where we got off the Zentana lift. The weather is nice and great


Arai Resort's new service not only allows you to enjoy the powder preferentially, but also allows you to rent "Insta360" for free, making it a very advantageous tour!

Photo: Taisei Takahashi/skier: Waku Yokoi/ If you get a guide service, you might be able to ski this slope!


I can't take my eyes off you this season!

You have to go to “ARAI Snow Resort”! Let's go!

The compressed snow barn also feels great! oldest~!


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