In the middle of the winter season.
The Fukushima / Inawashiro area is very hot now.
Three reasons why the Inawashiro area is now a great deal.

~ Double the fun of visiting hot springs and ski resortsInawashiro Tour ~

Advantageous information ①
A free shuttle bus is available from Koriyama Station on the Shinkansen!

The area direct bus has finally started from Koriyama Station, which is the gateway to the Fukushima / Shinkansen.
The main stops are Listel Inawashiro, Numajiri Kogen Ski Resort, and Minowa Ski Resort.
To ski resorts that were previously only accessible by carIntroducing a direct busWas.
Free timeIf you clear the boarding conditions described below, you can use it for free!It will be.
This area direct bus stops not only at major ski resorts but also at each accommodation facility, so you can go around with the accommodation package of profitable information ②.
① Customers who live in Fukushima prefecture and have booked an accommodation plan
② Customers who live in Fukushima prefecture and are using Yukiyama Fukushima
(Only customers in the prefecture can board because the state of emergency is currently being declared.)

Advantageous information ②
Cheap packages for nearby accommodations are now available!

A great plan for a hot spring inn where you can enjoy the snowy mountains by slowly soaking in the famous hot springs of Nakanosawa Onsen in Inawashiro Okuzashiki has started.
Supper and breakfast are included for 1 people or more per room, starting from 2 yen
It is very profitable.
Moreover, we also sell packages with lift tickets for Listel Ski Resort, Numajiri Ski Resort, and Minowa Ski Resort, so you can enjoy the Inawashiro area even more profitably.
However, there are some conditions for applying the package plan.
For more information, please contact Aizu Dream Development
<mail /,TEL / 0242-93-8814(10: 00 ~ 17: 00)>
[Sales period: January 1th to February 19th, those who are staying at the hotel: Only customers in the prefecture due to the state of emergency]

Advantageous information ③
Inawashiro Ski Resort is free on weekdays when you register as a member!

Inawashiro Ski Resort has one of the largest areas in the area and a wonderful view of Lake Inawashiro.
"Inawashiro Ski Fan Club" at Inawashiro Ski Resort.
Abbreviated as "Ina Suki! Club".
When you join the clubWhat! !!Weekday lift tickets are free from 5,600 yen for adultsIt will be.
Half price of 2,800 yen on weekends and holidaysBecome. Moreover,How to join is very easy.
Just send your email address and register for membership.
Furthermore, this season, "Ina Suki! Snow Fireworks" will be held on the slopes every Saturday and from 18:XNUMX before the national holidays.
Dive from an altitude of 1,000m toward the snow fireworks that spread below you!The only experience of sliding towards fireworks is Inawashiro Ski Resort ♪

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