HoneyFlash !! vol.7 @TAKASU SP


Girls Jib Contest "Honey Flash !!! vol.7" @ Takasu Snow Park

"I want to enjoy snowboarding more throughout the year, I want to get better"

This "Hanifra" is held for girls who love snowboarding.
An event where even girls who have never participated in the tournament can feel free to experience the tournament!

An event that everyone from children who have just entered the park to advanced players will find it fun!
Since it is a jam session (slides many times in time), even those who participate for the first time should be able to try it happily rather than a tournament ☆

You can also choose the class you want to attend according to your skill.

For beginner / kids classes, advice from guest riders and chances to have a session together ☆

Not only is the rookie class good, but there are various awards such as interesting, fun, and fashionable ☆

For the finalists of the open class, a gachinko game with participating riders!

There is no doubt that other participants and spectators will be excited about the gambling that bets the pride of professional riders! !!

This tournament not only competes for ranking, but also has each rider award, so take this opportunity to participate without hesitation.

Please try a lot with the girls alone and enjoy the "meeting" to the fullest ☆


HoneyFlash !! in Takasu Snow Park

・Schedule: Sunday, August 2015, 3
・ Venue: Takasu Snow Park HoneyFlash Special Park
501-5305 Nishi-dong, Takasucho-cho, Gujo-shi, Gifu 3086-1.
TEL, 0575-72-7000.
Official page, http://www.takasu.gr.jp.

・ Reception place: Center House 2F (Please be careful about other event reception places)
・ Tournament entry fee: Advance entry 3000 yen (lift ticket fee not included)
Entry on the day 3500 yen (〃)
・ Tournament entry method:http://form1.fc2.com/form/?id=829872
* Payment will be made at the reception desk on the day of the event.Please do not change.
・ Recruitment target: Only girls including kids
Kids class "Come Ride With Us !!"
Beginner class "Come Ride With Us !!"
Rookie class "Let's change !!"
Open class "Girls be ambitious !!"
(* The guideline for each class's skill ishttp://ameblo.jp/irieaf/entry-11171392622.htmlcheck)

・ Participating riders: Saori Okada (head) / Chihiro Wada (NITRO)

Akiko Furukawa (CAPiTA) / Mariko Matsumoto (FANATIC)

Takana Sakuragi (SCOOTER) / Narumi Sakuma (CAPiTA)

Yoshihide Yamaguchi (CAPiTA) / Yui Kimura (SABRINA)

Asuka Nakamura (SABRINA) / Rika Hatta (head)

Yuka Itagaki (head) / Sena Tomita (head) / Sena Tomita (head)

(* Participating riders will be updated from time to time)

・ Tournament MC: Akihiro Shigemori (FTWO)

・ Tournament schedule: 7: 30-Reception starts
9: 00-Opening Ceremony
9: 30-Start of qualifying for each class
11: 50-Lunch time / Lunch break
12: 50-Start of each class final
14: 20-End of tournament
15: 30-Result announcement & closing ceremony
17: 00 ending
* Items used in beginner class and open class are different.
* If you have any questions, please contact us.honeyflashjam@yahoo.co.jp

Organizer: Honey Flash Executive Committee
Cooperation: Takasu Snow Park, USP Japan Co., Ltd.

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A girl slipping in the park, a girl slipping behind someone, a girl slipping in a small group,

I want to open the next door to such girls.

I want you to feel the joy of "getting better" through the event.

"More fun, better, longer"

May it be the next step for girls who love snowboarding.

In the wake of this event

Let's jump out into an exciting world like never before!

Girls be ambitious !!!!!