hi-dutch Exhibition

hi-dutch Exhibition "bunny & mad" 4/30 / SAT ~ 6/26 / SUN / 2011at SUPER ECCENTRIC COFFEE & COOPENING PARTY !! 4/30 / SAT / 2011 18: 30 ~ 21: 00 Free Entry Free Wine & Snacks LIVE: TONITEhi-dutch/ takahiro hida In search of unique visual expression, he continues to work on various expressions such as planes, images, and XNUMXD objects from various standpoints.As a personal work, in recent years, he has been energetically presenting works using wood, yarn, and FRP resin that combine surfboard repair technology and visual expression.A happy work will be announced at hi-dutch's show starting tomorrow (photos are in the process of production) Free admission on the day, homemade food and wine.We are waiting for you with wonderful music that warms the venue with wonderful works.Of course I will attend too.Please come visit us.

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