HeartFilms "The Doors" Trailer ~

The trailer for Heart Films' new DVD "The Doors" has been released!Please take a look! w

[Vimeo 105301089 w = h = 500 281]

Heart Films “The Doors” Teaser from HEART FILMS on Vimeo.

Last winter, when I took on a new challenge, it was the first time for me every day, and honestly, there were many things that were difficult.I came to shoot a snowboard, but I can't go to the place to shoot.By the time I arrivedEven if it slips, it's gudaguda.
While I was overwhelmed by trying new things, I learned a lot by trying new things.
I also realized that I was growing up without knowing it on my trip to Argentina the other day.I'm really glad I did it in Canada.

Last season was my snowboarding life, the number one by far!It's the season.

A road trip movie that conveys the charm of the mountains, challenges, and everyone's feelings.

I want to snowboard! !! !! w

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