Heart Films latest work "In The Moment" preview video released

"In The Moment" is the 1th work this year, with one work being released every year.
The cast riders are the familiar Takafumi Konishi and Yu Sasaki, as well as Takaharu Nakai and Yoko Nakamura, who joined from the previous work, and Toru Kawaguchi, a skier who made a comeback from an injury in Alaska.
Top riders who are active globally are listed.

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In search of unseen slopes and snow, the Heart Crew set out on a journey not only in Japan but also to the undeveloped land of Canada and Alaska.
On Rishiri Island in the far north sea, a spectacular long line is carved with a storm gap, and in Hokkaido and Nagano, an enviable powder session.
Takaharu Nakai and Yoko Nakamura will join the North American trip, and will challenge the big slope with a helicopter while living a wild camping life.

A number of precious moments in the process of new attempts.This work is finished by the accumulation.
In a magnificent world, powders, jumps, lines and spectacular actions, of course
It is the real pleasure of this work that you can feel many undecorated aspects of the top riders who are active globally.

Heart Films 13th latest work "In The Moment" will be on sale on DVD and download on October 2018, 10.

"In The Moment" screening tour also held

The schedule for the domestic screening tour is as follows.
Don't miss the opportunity to enjoy your work with an oversized screen and sound!
<Heart Films “In The Moment” Japan Premiere Tour 2018>
October 10th (Friday) Tokyo @Fukagawa Edo Museum
(The time of the Tokyo venue is scheduled to open at 19:20, start at 21:XNUMX, and end at XNUMX:XNUMX)

October 10th (Friday) Osaka @Cinemat Shinsaibashi
October 10 (Sat) Tokushima @AEON CINEMA Tokushima / @ Hideout
November 11th (Sat) Kanagawa Yokojo Japanese Film Festival @Aeon Cinema Chigasaki
Saturday, November 11 Yamagata @Mogami Wide Area Exchange Center Yumeria
Saturday, November 11, Sapporo @PROVO

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Heart Films
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<Heart Films “In The Moment”>
Scheduled to be released on December 2018, 10
Starring: Takafumi Konishi, Yu Sasaki, Toru Kawaguchi, Takaharu Nakai, Yoko Nakamura, etc.
Location: Rishiri Island, Hokkaido, Nagano Prefecture, Gunma Prefecture, British Columbia, Canada, Alaska
Recording time: Approximately 40 minutes of the main story + bonus
Price: XNUM X (excl. Tax)
Sale: Here Today

* An article will be published in the November issue of FREERUN (released on October 11).Please check this out as well!