head team shooting in austria

Guten Morgen ☆

So where should we go next?Suddenly, I'm in Austria.

This is Okada.

Departing on the 17th to returning to Japan on the 27th, I ended up traveling alone.
As usual, the German-speaking area of ​​pounding.

(I don't understand the difference in pronunciation between O and U in German and the meaning of the dots on the Roman letters)

A 12-hour flight to Austria and Insburg Airport via Frankfurt, Germany.
In-flight movies that I usually only watch one or two
I have seen 4 of them this time for some reason. (Almost not sleeping)
The latest Spider-Man in the last 4th.
At the point where I was most worried about the remaining 20 minutes, I was ready to land and finished. THE ・ Sad

Even one person can reach Switzerland as smoothly as in spring.
Feel the growth of human beings (it seems that the number of people does not matter)

Speaking of happenings, to CA in the in-flight service
I spilled oolong tea on my back.
I didn't care, but I'm sorry for CA
He gave me a lot of sweets and novelty goods.

But ... he said he would continue to be given in-flight meals and light meals without moving.
Where you are in a livestock state for half a day (and drink)
This candy attack means that Okada's weight loss of 2 kg was not a moment.Crying

Well, it didn't become a stain, and I'm glad I got it, so it's happening?lucky?Which one is it?


Also, Insburg Airport is very small, so get off the plane and walk straight into the airport.
Exit immediately after picking up your luggage.I was surprised at the simplicity.
I wish everywhere was as easy as this.

This Austria trip is head regardless of home country staff or gender
A lot of riders from each country are also gathering.

A new girls line will be released from the 15-16 model, which is different from the usual one.
Test riding and photo & movie shooting of the product.
Also, shooting for the head team CLIP gathered in each country.


It's about a week with a nicer house than I imagined.

At this stage, there are a total of 12 to 13 people, but except for me, German-speaking countries (more)

If I don't listen to English intensively, Tamashii will go somewhere
Just listening to German, not English, is no longer an out-of-body experience.

The only erotic German I was taught in Switzerland last time is my trump card.

However, the trump card has already been issued on the first day, so it is no longer a trump card (crying).

There is no choice but to drink alcohol and cut with momentum (laugh)

But ... the first European men's rider I met this time
Everyone is handsome.Oh, head staff too.
I don't know how good-looking people are from overseas, and the types are different, but
Somehow handsome ... lol

Speaking of which, today's slopes are full of handsome people.
Austria is a handsome paradise,
Ikepara for short.

Huhhhhh ♡
Fun ~ ♪ w

However, everyone is still young.
So no matter how Japanese I look younger than my actual age
Do you feel this station aura that overflows without permission, or is it shy?
It keeps an exquisite sense of distance. (Rumors that you just can't talk)

If Shige-chan (Kazushige Fujita), who is shy more than anyone else, is added to this, it will be TOO SHY SHY BOY ~.
What's wrong w

There is no choice but to drink alcohol and cut with momentum (laugh)

Why didn't you learn German, let's go.
Why did you choose French as an elective course? (I don't understand French either)

You can't survive with just Danke and Bitte.Crying

Well, the story was a lot off
With that kind of feeling, I will seriously shoot and work on products next season.

I'll say it again, but it's serious.

Austrian liquor on the first day,
What I say is that I was baptized at synapses (40-65 degrees).

… It was pretty good ♡

Next, let's talk about snowboarding seriously ... ☆