Head snowboards 14-15 model "Instinct DCT i.KERS" is explained!

Asuka, who is active in the magazine media and has left a result as a competitor
Explain Instinct DCT i.KERS! !! !! !!
Instinct DCT i, KERS used by Kazushige Fujita, Asuka Shin, and Daisuke Hosono

The Instinct DCT for all-mountain technicians is, of course, a technician board for all riders, and head pro riders have come to this board from the bottom of their hearts.The secret is that the KERS Chip = Kinetic Energy Recycle System, inspired by F1, converts the energy stored in riding into repulsive force, turning it into turbo power on the turn and mega pop on the ollie. .. The Instinct DCT promises high responsiveness, has technology that enables high revs, and also has a frame wall structure that won the gold medal at the world's largest sports and outdoor festival.The frame wall absorbs small vibrations, distributes power to the entire edge without leaking commands from the rider, provides high operability, reaction, and eligibility for precise riding.