head snowboards boots rider Shutaro Amagai.


head snowboards boot support rider Shutaro Amekai
I came to the activity report of the season.
This season was completed without any injuries
It's very commendable.
I also have a passion for riding
Bring out the uncompromising side
Moreover, the aspiration to improve my skills is wonderful.

Also for the activities of CHESTNUTZ that leaves footage
Although the cut remains, there seems to be some unsatisfactory parts.
Having this feeling will make a leap forward next year.

Also, he has another face called the manager of the shop.
Rider, the manager of the professional shop HOME
Wear two pairs of straw shoes.
Expect more next year.
And before that, body building and skating.
Motivation to off is also high.

Next season
Of course, I will support Shutaro Amekai.
A rider who leads the northern Kanto region
We will convey human resources development and experience.
I want you to run with the feeling of carrying the industry on your back.