head Rider Iwata's Another Face ~ Han Bota Hiroshi Han ~

Hello, I'm Ritsu Fujinuma, head Snowboard!


Did the season on the snow end a while ago?If you think ... It's already autumn!

As we were used to the sweltering summer heat, we felt a little chilly morning, and there were nights when the cold wind blew and we regret not having long sleeves ...

Recalling last season, I think there are many people who are tired of slipping.

Like last season, this season is also a teammate at head Snowboard, with the self-proclaimed entertainment world's No. XNUMX snowboarder, comedian "Iwata", who has exactly the same date of birth as me.

I'm planning to make a funny snowboard movie

Iwata went to cheer for a laughing professional wrestling match at Shinjuku FACE the other day!



The venue, Shinjuku FACE, is a large event hall on the XNUMXth floor of the building, located in the middle of Kabukicho, Shinjuku.

It is a super-major venue that is famous for being used by various major groups for entertainment in the past.

Iwata is probably the only snowboarder to participate in a laughing professional wrestling match at a venue like this.

Even during the season, I often go to the training gym, take supplements immediately, and concentrate on getting bigger.Iwata, the one and only existence!

In the hall, which is said to accommodate XNUMX to XNUMX people, two screens were prepared this time, and a splendid ring was installed in the center of such a venue.



At the same time as the opening time, many fans used the elevator to avalanche into the hall on the XNUMXth floor, and many customers were seen trying to secure seats that were as easy to see as possible, especially for unreserved seats.


Before the match, Iwata had a careful meeting with the actor who lived with him and Hiroki Goto (who participated in this tournament as a super steroid machine) who is familiar with the public steroid movie, and chatted with the fans. I was relaxed.


When the start time was approaching, the lights were turned off, and Ring Anna's Seiya wearing a mask stood holding a microphone on the illuminated ring, announcing the start of the annual West Exit Door Shinjuku FACE Tournament. I did.


After that, the match cards of all five games to be held on that day were called, and according to it, in the fourth game, "Takanori Iwata" played by Iwata teamed up with "Nakamura Jinsuke" and "Akiyama Impure". & "Takanori Iwata" will play a tag match with a championship belt.


And the national anthem was sung by a big guest to liven up the opening of the tournament!That person, an artist who represents Japan, was visiting Shinjuku FACE (laughs).


After the national anthem finished singing the national anthem, the person who performed the song (!?) That everyone sang, raised the heat of the venue to the climax and left.

From the start of the first game, Iwata and his friends finally came into play after a series of laughter after laughter!

When the name of "Hiroshi Tanabota" was called on the ring, cheers of "Tanner!" "Hiroshi" player appeared while shining brilliantly!


Iwata slowly goes around the ringside while providing fan service


Immediately after the ring-in, Iwata runs up the corner post and barks


The gong finally rings

The match between Hiroshi Tanabota & Jinsuke Nakamura VS Impure Akiyama & Taita Kobashi has begun.

There are laughable productions everywhere during the game, and there are also productions using a large-scale vision.

During the match, Mr. Iwa frequently performed "Sling Blade" and "High Fly Flow", which are the special skills of the head family "Hiroshi Tanahashi", and the venue was greatly excited ...

We have prepared a video of the game you are interested in, so please check it as well.





Iwata, who fought an out-of-field brawl with Akiyama many times, also had an out-of-field brawl in front of Shinjuku FACE, in the sea of ​​Izu, and in Shakujii Park! ?? (Lol)



A deadly battle with constant laughter (laughs)



This is Hiroshi Tanahashi's decisive technique "High Fly Flow"!


terrible!Kobashi's specialty "Burning Hammer"! There was also a technique like ... (laughs)


terrible!Akiyama Impure who finally decided Akiyama's special move "Exploder" (laughs)


Do you want to take a rest ...


Gabean ... But the entertainer is amazing.Ideas, direction, acting ability, physical strength, multiplayer that everyone creates emotions!


After the match, Mr. Iwa came to the next seat until the next turn came.


The west exit door was a big laugh from beginning to end


After the event, Mr. Iwa is surrounded by fans.There is a line.


After the event, Mr. Iwa came to the restaurant where he was eating.

I laughed too much from beginning to end!Thank you for your hard work~!


We have prepared a video to deliver the excitement of the day!

Check here for the excitement of that day.

Click here for a movie that was aired on a large-scale vision during the match

You can laugh super!

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