"GREENROOM FESTIVAL'3" where the venue was united with the loud cheers for the first time in three years.

Japan's largest culture festival "GREENROOM FESTIVAL ʻ2005", which started in 18 and celebrated its 23th anniversary this year, will be held for two days on May 5th (Sat) and 27th (Sun) at Yokohama Akarenga. It was held at a district outdoor special venue.This event was held without regulation for the first time in several years, and reported on the pattern of this event, which recorded over 28 visitors.

With roots in surf culture, this year marks the 18th time

“GREENROOM FESTIVALʻ5” (hereafter GRF) is held in Yokohama every year in late May when the winter season has settled down.This event started in 23 as a music and art culture festival with roots in surf culture and beach culture, and this year marks the 2005th time it has been held.Since surfing, which is the origin of snowboarding, has its roots, many snowboarders who have finished the winter season gather here in Yokohama to start the summer.

The venue is crowded with people © GREENROOM FESTIVALʼ23

At this GRF, with the concept of "Save the Beach, Save the Ocean", we are carrying out activities to protect the environment of the beach and the sea, which are rapidly declining, from the idea of ​​​​"Leaving a precious beach for children". are doing.In addition to regular beach cleaning, we are working on various SDGs such as adopting renewable diesel at the festival venue, driftwood art, and showing environmental images.This action works on the theme of "protect winter from climate change" in the winter scenePOW(Protect Our Winters Japan), and such thoughts make us reconfirm the very important part for those of us who enjoy surfing and snowboarding, playing on one board in the same natural field.

There is also a children's playground decorated with driftwood art, and the GRF can be enjoyed by the whole family.
Earmuffs for children were also rented free of charge to protect the ears of children

A total of 38 groups of artists performed at this year's GRF, and the venue was divided into four stages: "GOOD WAVE STAGE", "BLUE SKY STAGE", "RED BRICK STAGE" and "PORT LOUNGE".At the main stage "GOOD WAVE STAGE" and "BLUE SKY STAGE", you can feel the sea breeze and listen to the singing voices and performances of popular artists with great power while relaxing.

2 days timetable
A large tarp is set up on the sea side, so you can spend your time slowly.
Whale art is also displayed, creating a casual marine style
"BLUE SKY STAGE" can be seen in the back.There is also a lawn zone in the middle of the day, so if you have a leisure sheet, you can relax more
There are fashionable photo spots everywhere
The food area in the venue has a botanical atmosphere
The pleasant sunshine illuminated the venue on Saturday
Take a break while watching the sunset illuminated by the coast between live performances

In addition, around the red brick warehouse located outside the main stage, various brand booths including surf brands and food booths are lined up, where you can enjoy shopping and dining. You can watch movies.What's more, the content in this area can be enjoyed for free, and the "RED BRICK STAGE" is located in this area, so you can fully hear the artists' singing voices even from outside the partially partitioned paid zone. is now possible.

Near the entrance of the red brick warehouse
Click here for the overall view © GREENROOM FESTIVALʼ23
Booths of popular surf brands and noteworthy brands line up
There is an ART GALLERY where various surf arts are displayed on the 2nd floor of the red brick warehouse building.
Kids will be happy to see the wonderful surf art
Artists exhibiting their work

There are many fashionable shooting spots in the surrounding area.
The area around the "RED BRICK STAGE" stage looks like this.You need a ticket to enter the fence in front of the stage, but you don't need a ticket to listen outside the fence.

Also, "PORT LOUNGE", where the DJ is the main, is located in an open mall with stylish cafes and restaurants, including a select shop called "Marine Walk", which is about a 5-minute walk from the main venue. You can listen to the sounds of popular DJs completely free of charge.

"PORT LOUNGE" prepared next to "Marine Walk"

If someone buys a ticket and enjoys the live performance of the artist they are looking for up close, even those who do not have a ticket can visit the city of Yokohama and enjoy shopping while feeling the sea and surf culture.

In other words, the charm of this GRF is that you can enjoy the port town surf festival in your own style for these two days.

"Marine Walk" has select shops and restaurants

For the first time in several years, there were no restrictions, and two days where I could freely enjoy music to my heart's content.

On the first day, which was illuminated by the midsummer sunshine, TENDRE acted as the top batter and performed a new song "DOCUMENTS" etc., and got off to a bright start. At the "GOOD WAVE STAGE", ALI showed a cool performance, followed by Dragon Ash performing "Fantasista" etc., uniting with the audience to heat up the stage.


Visitors can freely move around each venue and enjoy unique artists such as Vintage Trouble, Oscar Jerome, and Sarasa, and at PORT LOUNGE, ZEN-RA ROCK, DJ HASEBE, and others will shop at Marine Walk. It also invited people who enjoy the entertainment, shaking the body of the audience.


By the end of the concert, the voltage of the entire venue reached its peak, and the singing voices of UA and Sigrid resounded with the sunset in the background.In addition, The BONEZ performed a hot live performance at "RED BRICK STAGE", and AJR appeared on the main stage at the end. Showing an uplifting performance, the first day ended without letting the excitement cool down.


The second day, which saw the highest number of visitors ever, started from never young beach.The new song “Rari-Rari-Ran” will be performed, and the atmosphere of the venue will change to the color of GREEN ROOM.

never young beach © GREENROOM FESTIVALʼ23

At the "GOOD WAVE STAGE", ORANGE RANGE performed hit songs such as "Ishin Denshin", followed by Hanaregumi fever Yoshie Nakano, KREVA, and the Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra, keeping the audience's voltage up.

Hanaregumi fever Yoshie Nakano © GREENROOM FESTIVALʼ23
Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra © GREENROOM FESTIVALʼ23

Nulbarich, who appeared with the night breeze, performed hit songs such as “NEWERA” and excited the venue.TASH SULTANA appeared on the main stage.Finished the last with the best performance.


This year's two days must have been a very important turning point for the GRF.In the past few years, due to the influence of Corona, there have been various regulations such as restrictions on the number of people in the venue and no vocalization inside the venue.And this time, when such restrictions were finally lifted, a total of 2 visitors gathered over the two days, and the venue was in a lively normal mode before Corona, or even more excitement.

Last weekend, just before the rainy season began in earnest in Honshu, both days were blessed with good weather, and both the artists and the audience enjoyed music freely to their heart's content in a comfortable climate. rice field.

GREENROOM FESTIVALʼ23 was a great success.We hope to have another wonderful festival next year

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