High-performance guratori model "GENIUS [Cam/Roc]" "TRICKSTICK [iz]" that introduces the highest technology of GRAY SNOWBOARDS

Evolve your grati performance
Introducing a new model equipped with a new power structure!

GENIUS[Cam/Roc] (Left photo)
Size: 140, 144, 149, 152, 155
Price: ¥ 118,800 (tax included)

TRICK STICK[iz] (Right photo)
Size: 138, 141, 144, 148, 151, 154
Price: ¥ 118,800 (tax included)

Gray Snowboards continues to grow as a snowboard brand that is highly regarded not only in Japan but also in the world for its unique design capabilities and design, and the introduction of high-quality materials.From freestyle to carving, to the alpine series that generously introduced high manufacturing technology, Gray is a brand that continues to gain the trust of many fans by transmitting high-performance models that show the uniqueness of Gray in each category.
In recent years, Gray Snowboards has been focusing on developing the Guratori model.While "MACH", which specializes in runtri, is also attracting a lot of attention, this season, we would like to highly recommend "GENIUS [Cam/Roc]" and "TRICKSTICK[iz]" to all graturi fans, including beginners. Two Guratori exclusive models have been added to the lineup.

I left many achievements in the freestyle scene
Introduced cam lock equipped model to GENIUS

The GENIUS has gained popularity as a mid-flex twin tip for straight jumps, slopestyle and freestyle.A model that adopted a hybrid camlock in the outline of GENIUS, which adopts a short tip with a slightly shorter R at the tip and has a longer effective edge, was born.Gentle rocker on the outside of both feet and camber set between the stances enable exquisite footwork. “Sliding,” “tightening,” and “flicking” movements are freely performed with varying degrees of speed to create a style that is limitless. GENIUS's original ultra-light ULTRA LIGHT CORE enables light and easy handling, and the side cut that combines 5 Rs supports a stable board trim in any situation.The board is based on the basic structure of the Gray Snowboards, which have achieved outstanding gliding performance in the first place.
Of course, GENIUS continues the lineup with the conventional camber specification as it is, but the cam rock specification has a slightly softer flex than the camber, making it a model that can be widely used by beginners to advanced riders.

It's even more flexible than the camber version of GENIUS, easy to step on, and has a solid rebound, so you can play with it more widely.

To TRICK STICK which is attracting a lot of attention in the gratis scene

Equipped with a new dimension of flexibility and resilience

The ever-evolving TRICK STICK, which has a special flex and balance as a soft flex full twin model and a special model for Guratori, has undergone further updates.In order to strengthen the repulsive force of the nose and tail, the flex balance has been adjusted with a focus on achieving both flexibility and repulsion of the deflection.For this reason, Toyobo's ultra-high-strength polyethylene material "IZANAS®︎" is placed between the stance and on the underside of the core at the tip.With the introduction of new materials, a new dimension of suppleness and good return have been achieved. The good repulsive force of TRICK STICK's original active camber also has a synergistic effect, and has evolved into a more pop riding feeling.
TRICKSTIC has been reborn as a model that actively challenges the possibilities of new guratori while making full use of the ease of riding and handling unique to the guratori model made by Gray Snowboards.As the next one for Gratri fans, it is a board that I would like you to check at the test ride event.

TRICK STICK, a popular guratori board, has been upgraded with the introduction of ultra-high-strength polyethylene material "IZANAS®︎"!
The IZANAS® is placed in a V shape on the nose and tail, and placed in the center between the stances, providing a trampoline-like repulsion and making tricks easier.

>Preemptive gear feature: GRAY SNOWBOARDS
>“LOVEBUZZ” is a free carving series that explores all types of snowy mountain terrain.
>``MACH'' is a cutting-edge carving machine that will lead the new era of run and tricks.
>"DELIGHT" has a soft flex design for carving entry users, allowing you to enjoy easy carving from medium to low speeds.

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