2020-2021 season kickoff

Hello, this is CAP.After all ... I mean, every year, it was impossible to open the prefecture at the end of November.The current snow cover is zero cm.It is forecast that it will rain a little tonight (11/11), but it is not enough to open.Even the shortest forecast seems to be a little tough until the second week of December when the next chill will come 💦

So I couldn't stand it and came to Yeti, which is more than 400km away from Fukushima.I know it because I go there every year at this timing, but it's far.However, the first slip of the season is still Yeti.It's fun, snowboarding is really. Speaking of Yeti, it seems that it has become a sanctuary of Gratri these days, and people with a fairly high level were developing their skills.I'm working until now.In particularmint toursI wasn't in my head because I was in a situation where I could be completely left behind if I did Gratley during my work.However, as you know this year, it seems that we will have some time.So, let's try slipping with a little more Gratley ...It's fun to be able to do various things.I'm studying on Instagram (laughs)

I wanted to snowboard, so I went to Karuizawa for 250km one way this week for DAY2.I was surprised!This is crowded. It was the first light yellowtail in 5 years, but I think it was probably the busiest so far.When I asked a stranger who got on the lift together, he said, "I can use GOTO for 1 days and 2 night!".amazing….The fact that other ski resorts haven't opened yet may have spurred congestion, but waiting for a lift is 10 to 15 minutes.Since the course is only an ICS (artificial snow machine) course, it is quite short, and it takes a considerable amount of patience to slide repeatedly.What I found out by skiing with a light pre-sale was the feeling that "Isn't the ski resort in the prefecture open soon?"While diverting the surfing maneuver that I worked on this year to snow, while doing gratri ... What a delusion, the area of ​​the light pre is a little unsatisfactory.

It's only Mt. Iide.It's still snowing ...


2005 years from 12.As the marketing manager of Hoshino Resorts Alts Bandai / Urabandai Nekoma Ski Resort, he oversees attractive development, public relations, sales, and sales promotion.In the past, he was also involved in the development of BURTON SNOWBOARD's beginner-only board "LTR". In May 2017, he moved to Sherpa Co., Ltd. and started an inbounds attracting / attracting consultant with snow.He also serves as a writer for FREE RUN. Since July 5, he has been engaged as the senior adviser of citywave TOKYO as the operation manager of Asia's first artificial river surfing facility. Transferred to Sports Facility Management in June 2018 and started a wider range of advisory business.Currently, while working on a project to maximize the number of customers in Fukushima, during the season, he introduces Japanese mountains to foreigners as a dedicated guide for mint tours (https://minttours.com) headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. ------------------------ Twitter: @ kei7cap Instagram: @ kei2019cap