Go My Way. – Interview with Toshiki Yamane <Part XNUMX>-"I want to express all of our riding and self-assertion on a global basis."

Why.Yamane feels a freestyle mind in a bing just by sliding powder ...That's because a man who fascinates on the snow doesn't take care of his fingertips when the camera is pointed at.
Photo: KentaRAWmatsuda

In the first part of the interview, we asked him about the turning points in Toshiki's snowboarding life and his thoughts on the word FIGHT FOR LIBERTY.In the second part, we asked him to talk about the movement of the season and how to deal with snowboarding in the future, such as the image of the snowboarder he is aiming for.

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* This article is a special release of the interview article published in the December 2020 issue of FREERUN magazine (released on November 2) as "STAY HOME" special content.


I wonder if it's an eternal theme to keep getting better

-Are you doing anything other than snowboarding sideways?
I definitely try to skateboard and surf if I have time and I'm in good physical condition.

-Did they affect snowboarding?
I think surfing really has an effect.I can catch the face and make several turns when I'm in good shape, and in reality there are many things I can't do ... but the feeling of snowboarding has changed.I think it applies to many people, but it's difficult to ski while keeping a certain sense of snowboarding.In most cases, the consciousness is tsugihagi.If you start the backside turn here, the next moment you change trains, then you will step on the toe edge ... and so on, because you are only conscious of the turning point.However, people who are really good are always conscious.Step on, step on, switch, step on, step on ...The continuous consciousness becomes one line.That's why I think the people of Downchill and GENEMSTICK are saying something like "a line drawn with a single brush", but I think I finally understood the meaning ...It's not a tsugihagi, it's a single line because it's slipping without interrupting consciousness.

-It's pretty hard to slip like that.
It's really hard.But when you are conscious of it, there are moments when you can do it and when you feel it feels good.At first, it feels strange, so it can be difficult to position the body, but once the shape is decided, I can continue to draw one line all the time.You can just jump.So I thought.This is a professional world that is slipping on the next level.And it's not just slipping.The spin is the same, there are those who look here first, then look here, and then land ... and those who keep their consciousness continuous.You can feel it when you look at it. Because it conveys that "He can do it".

-Did you notice it recently?
After surfing.So maybe about 5 years ago?The feeling of stepping on the board on the turn of surfing is like leaning your weight ... In snowboarding, it's not like riding on the edge, but stepping on the board with the soles of your feet and putting your center of gravity on it. Until then, I only stepped on the board, but now I can step further from there.After that, I thought that the depth of slipping had come out tremendously.

-I felt that the depth had increased.
Nah, the slip has disappeared for a moment.It's important to keep doing it.But it's tough (laughs).However, that is also the secret to getting the best.

A powder jib that fascinated me after blowing off fresh snow at high speed
Photo: Tom Gan-or

-Do you still have a strong desire to improve?
of course.I wonder if it's an eternal theme to keep getting better.

-Snowboarding certainly never ends.
Don't you get tired of it?For getting better!I want to develop more and more because I never get tired of it.There are times when I want to think about tricks myself, or when I don't look at SNS.If you already have an answer, you will see it and try to imitate it.At that point it's not the best.So just think for yourself.But what I like about it is that when I open an Instagram or something like "OK, this is the original. Let's upload it to SNS", someone is already doing the trick that I thought out and completed.At that time, it would be like "Oh, I was thinking about the same thing" (laughs).

-Have you been influenced by anyone other than snowboarders?
When I'm snowboarding, I basically can't respect anyone other than snowboarders.However, there are people who have overcome despair and adversity, sometimes breaking through that wall.For example, DJ Kireek, a duo of DJ YASA and DJ Hi-C.I knew that Kentaro was connected, but he's an insanely cool underground DJ, isn't he?Now that I've disbanded, I'm doing solos, but even though I'm not so familiar with music, I felt "these people are amazing. Cool" and thought "this is a professional".From that point on, I got into music a lot.

-Snowboarding footage and music are inseparable.
I think it has a great edge.Also, I thought that art was inseparable.Isn't there a lot of snowboarders who draw pictures?I wonder if there are many people who haven't been able to detox their brains. (Lol).Well, I also draw (bitter smile).I want to draw when I want to get rid of great dissatisfaction and sickness.

-What kind of picture do you draw?
It's an emotional picture.Sometimes I draw a very dark picture and say "the best", and sometimes I draw a very peaceful picture and say "I was like this now".It feels like fortune-telling.But even if I was told to draw a coffee cup in front of me, I couldn't draw it.Very bad (bitter smile).It's just a tool for expressing my emotions, or just a divergence.

-Will that picture be the design of the signature board?
No, it's a little crazy because it's crazy (bitter smile).Is my painting psychedelic?You can combine squares and circles regularly, or dare to connect them irregularly ....It's a picture that expresses the emotions at that time, such as making something like "Doesn't it look like an angry face?" When a person glances at it.I haven't drawn much recently, but maybe about 3 years ago?When I went to Yosuke, Daisuke, and Wisler, I didn't slip and drew pictures all the time (laughs).

-It's really extreme.
It's 0 or 100.

-I think Yosuke used to say, "Toshi-chan has only 0 or 100."
I don't have 50.If I think it's not 0 now, I'll burn it with 100 even in the morning. When it's 100, it's very positive, I'm enthusiastic about what I've never done, and when new things come in, I feel welcome and anything positive.But when it's 0, it's lethargic and everything is shut down, so it feels like nothing.

-By the way, what are you planning to do this season?
Didn't you release my full part that summarizes the video of last season?I plan to make my own part that goes beyond that.

-Why don't you make a video with the crew of FIGHT FOR LIBERTY?
We shot it together last season, but there aren't many videos ...Besides, the movement of individuals has increased.So don't force it out, and our intentions won't disappear, so let's do what we want to do without rushing.Is it the year before last? I made a movie called "CONTINEW" and did a preview, but I was fully open among us, and I thought that some people could be silenced, but the people who watched the video When I saw the reaction, I felt that it wasn't enough.Then, stop moving with the crew once, and after each individual burns through, let's say FIGHT FOR LIBERTY again.I think that way of communicating to people will be different, and the sensibilities at that time will also change, so I think we can express ourselves well.In that sense, it seems like I'm not active this season.

-It's time to develop the power of each individual.
That's right. FIGHT FOR LIBERTY is planning to release a video around next season.To tell the truth, I tried not to put out important cuts in the video of last season.I will carry them over to next season, and at GO BIG, I will watch our videos and make works that will make my heart tremble and emotional.

I swam in the air with a crisp grab because I wanted to see the nature of Hokkaido under my eyes ... I don't know if it is, but the style that is not defeated by the magnificent nature is a picture.
Photo: Tsutomu Nakata


I want to pass on the coolness that never changes to the next generation

-Have you ever been happy with snowboarding?
I'm pretty negative and sometimes I have a bad mind.At that time, you take in negative emotions and clench your teeth once.Then, after thinking "I'm sorry, I can't lose", I feel positive this time, but if I hadn't snowboarded, I wouldn't be able to change my mind like that.Someone is waiting for me to go to a higher world, or my snowboarding still has a way to go, so I'm trying to live with hope.I'm glad I was snowboarding at that time.

-What kind of snowboarder do you want to be in the future?
A presence that kids dream of in a good way.I hope more riders like us will increase.

-Does that mean you want more kids who aren't stiff?
I agree.However, going through a competition is one way, isn't it easy to understand?That's why I want to express that there is a different way for me.It's okay to be more free ...However, it's more difficult than people.But if you keep doing it freely, something will definitely come later.

-I want to be such a model case.
It was the same with me, and everyone has their own superheroes and longing for them.I make an effort to be like such a longing person, and if I stand in that position, I think that I will not be able to connect to the next one unless I become a person who is longed for by the next generation.

-You have a strong feeling for connecting to the generations from top to bottom.
I think that the ones inherited from the old school people have the same coolness.Therefore, even if you watch old videos and riders, you should still feel cool ...However, I think that it will not disappear because it was created seriously with a great consciousness.If you make things by being swept away by the fashion at that time, if something happens, it will disappear soon.That will not lead to the future.However, I want to connect the parts that can never be broken to the next generation.

-Is the Japanese movie scene a little lonely because many productions have done the work of having to release a movie every year?
That may be the case.I wonder if it's becoming a rut ... I'm doing it, but it's always been a constant thing, isn't it?So, did you feel like "Where should I go?"And I think.But we're not heading towards the end, we're aiming to connect to the future.If I keep doing it, I think it will spread more and more.Even if we are gone, it's okay if there is a generation below.I think a chain reaction will occur.

-How old do you keep snowboarding?
It's time to quit the frontline riders, but I want to keep doing the things that keep getting better, evolving, and changing.I want to work as a person, and I think I will never stop snowboarding.

-Then, the last question.What does snowboarding mean to Toshiki Yamane?
It's the only place of liberation, and it taught me the meaning of life ...

-that?Didn't you say the ultimate play in a previous interview?
Of course, it's also the ultimate play.However, it may have come to be taken a little more severely. When I think about what I can express as a snowboarder, I think it's something I can do to stay cool, keep evolving, and stay cool.So now, rather than the ultimate play, the idea of ​​pursuing snowboarding is stronger.

Free riding = free sliding.Run through with full imagination as if this is the answer
Photo: Tom Gan-or


I just want to convey a message without asking for anything in return
-I said the last question, but is there anything you haven't told yet?
I was wondering if I should say it the day before this interview.Right now, I'm an international rider at BATALEON, and I think Daisuke is getting better and better with K2.Is it really related to Daisuke, isn't it that Daisuke will appear in the issue where my interview will be published in this FREE RUN?That's Yosuke.He transferred to LOBSTER, didn't he?That's why I'm going to get crazy and I'm sure it will come.No, I'm coming! LOBSTER's international riders are all crazy guys, and Yosuke will eventually be among those strongest men.

-The individual is powering up with a good feeling.
Until a while ago, "What's this guy?" May have existed.However, when I climbed to the top of Japan, I started to say, "If these guys are saying it, it's hot."Still not enough.Now, we are working individually, and this time we are going to say FIGHT FOR LIBERTY again with everyone out in the world.Then the persuasive power will increase.Also, if I could express FIGHT FOR LIBERTY on the international stage, I think it would change all at once.Actually, you set a goal two years ago to take all the members of FIGHT FOR LIBERTY to the world.I thought that if I went first, everyone would follow me.We've come this far, we've gotten so good, and we've come to be exposed so far.I think it is important for human beings to never lose or never give up.For those who want to be professional riders and those who are wondering if they are going to decline, we haven't given up, so we'll prove that we've come this far. Let's do it. "Then, I think that the power to live and the vitality will increase.

-When are you planning to achieve your goals?
It will be completed in 3 years at the earliest.I'll be perfect in two years.Toshiki Yamane ・ Perfectly.And I want to express all of our riding and self-assertion on a global basis.I now think that is a dream.

-Two years ago I had a grand five-year plan.
I'm confident with no basis, but my feeling was saying.How good are you in creating your own future, how many results are left, and how many things will follow you?I saw that, so I thought I'd do it.

-Because I believed in that feeling and continued to do it, I'm still up to now.
That's right.However, I thought that if I compromised even a little, it would never happen.It's tough for that, but if you feel like it, it's fun to do it, and I want to see the scenery that says "I'm glad I did it" when I achieved my goal.Don't forget the effort and consciousness for that, and you can't neglect the stance of continuing to do it greedily.

-Is it going to show the process of growth?
I think it's a proof that a professional rider continues to grow. Even if you say "I'm a professional", you get tired of it all the time.That's what I'm most happy about.That's why professional riders give stimuli so that the viewers don't get bored ...The fact that it stagnates ends up as a rider in me.

-I'm looking forward to the future FIGHT FOR LIBERTY.
Yes.However, we are not asking for a separate evaluation. Isn't YouTuber going while paying attention to the number of views and comments?But we ignore it.The reason is that I want to do business in my heart.Rather than making a profit, I'm thinking about what I can give to the other person from the bottom of my heart and what can only be given to me.I want you to convey the message "FIGHT FOR LIBERTY" to people without any inconvenience and think it is cool.So don't do business at all and don't worry about evaluation.

-FIGHT FOR LIBERTY is just a message.
Otherwise it won't work.This message is given by myself, so I don't give it in return for something.

This season, Yamane feels good somewhere today and is attacking with full style.To leave good footage!
Photo: Tsutomu Nakata
Photo: Tsutomu Nakata

Born July 1993, 7.Born in Iizuka City, Fukuoka Prefecture.I first learned about snowboarding in the sixth grade of elementary school, and when I became a junior high school student, I stopped working on Kyokushin for a long time and concentrated on snowboarding.After that, he slipped into BIGAIR Fukuoka (currently out of business) and improved his skills.There, he connects with Yuzo Niihara, a rider who has a great influence on his snowboarding life, and ACHARM, a shop.With his extraordinary physical ability and concentration, he won a sponsor in the second season. In 10, he won the runner-up, which is the highest among Japanese in the history of TOYOTA BIG AIR.Currently, he is concentrating on shooting activities with the message FIGHT FOR LIBERTY. Since 6, he has also been active as an international rider for BATALEON. In 2, the full part "TOSHIKI DEATH" was announced and attracted a lot of attention.

Go My Way.


In the next interview, we will choose the street scene as a place of activity and give off a presence with a unique style."34-MIYON" is expanding the range of activities as an artist.looking forward to!