SIZE: 152, 155, 159, 161
PRICE: ¥ 98,000 (excluding tax)
Eco Choice by Nicolas Müller
SIZE: 154.5, 157.5, 161.5
PRICE: ¥ 90,000 (excluding tax)

Nicolas Müller's first signature model.Achieve free riding with the strongest control performance

Since the brand was founded, GNU is a brand that continues to lead the scene with the introduction of innovative technology and the activities of cutting-edge riders.This season, we released an attractive lineup such as reviving the model of the 80's with the current technology and pursuing the possibility of asymmetrical boards.In addition, the board is made in the world's most environmentally friendly factory, and is a brand with a high awareness of ecology that continues to protect the natural environment.Team riders include the world's top street killer, Forest Bailey, Olympic medalist, and Girls Slopestyle Queen Jamie Anderson.Nicolas Müller has joined the GNU team last season.His riding, which captures Big Mountain with a flowing and smooth style and fascinates with a smooth style, attracts the eyes of snowboarders all over the world.
This season, GNU has released his signature board "MÜLLAIR".This board adopts "C3 shape" according to his slip that fascinates in the big mountain.The triple camber that brings out the strongest control performance realizes free riding even with powder.The sticky torsion brings high ollie to aggressive riders, and the directional shape easily captures powder with a natural buoyancy.It also features a carving performance that does not shake due to the wavy magnetic traction edge, and there is no doubt that the turn on the slope will be sharp.Even on the hard snow surface of the ice barn, the seven protrusions that are ideally arranged bite into it accurately and firmly.Nicholas himself praised it as "the best snowboard I've ever rode".On the other hand, "ECOCHOICE BY NICOLAS MÜLLER" is an eco-friendly model that incorporates the opinions of Nicolas, who is particular about eco-friendly materials, based on RIDERS CHOICE, which is extremely popular with riders.Uses core materials with different hardness on the toe side and heel side.A model designed by studying the human body structure, such as making the side cut, nose and tail shapes asymmetrical.With the participation of Nicholas, the appeal of GNU was further expanded.

Ideally arranged edges with 7 protrusions provide reliable grip even on hard snow surfaces, enabling magnetic carving without blurring
The entire board is equipped with three large and small cambers. Adopts the C3 shape, which is the most advanced structure in the GNU structure.Achieves a reliable edge hold with a light force and demonstrates high stability when riding at high speeds.
C2 is a twin camber with a slightly larger camber shape.Highly stable at high speeds, making it easier to control at hard burns
An asymmetrical shape is used for ECO CHOICE.By changing not only the shape but also the hardness of the core material inside, the optimum performance is brought out for each turn of the toe side and heel side.


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